The Season Three Finale: Top 10 Countdown on Jump Start Your Joy

The Season Three Finale: Top 10 Countdown on Jump Start Your Joy

It’s time for the Season Three Finale: Top 10 Countdown on Jump Start Your Joy! This week on the show, I’m sharing the most downloaded episodes of Season 3.


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10. Amy Smith of The Joy Junkie in Episode 122
When you’re having a difficult conversation, “You are responsible for your intention, not the reception” of what you say. Approach your conversation with grace and kindness. And joy.

9. Solocast on The Imposter Syndrome in Episode 120
When you have that feeling that you don’t have the experience, and question your own expertise, I raise the question of… “what makes someone an expert?” in this episode.

8. Morgan Bolender, musician, in Episode 111
After following a career in special education, Morgan found herself living in Hawaii at age 22. She knew she had to follow her heart, and had a deep seated sense that “if I could just sing, I think I could be OK.” I love that she took action on her dreams and brought them to life.

7. Alexandra Franzen of “You’re Going to Survive” in Episode 112
“Today is not over yet.” Alexandra shares about how she wrote a blog post about turning her day around, and how it resonated with so many people. I love that she chose joy that day, and chose to share about it.

6. Briana and Dr. Peter Borten of The Dragontree Spa, and authors of “Rituals for Transformation” in Episode 106
The Bortens return from Season 2, to share about their new book. We talk about tapping into the divine, and seeing the divinity of each person.

5. Fred LeBlank of Cowboy Mouth in Episode 125
Fred is the drummer and lead singer of Cowboy Mouth, and he talks a lot about energy, and getting back in touch with whatever brings you joy when you feel like you’ve lost your way.

4. Andrea Owen of “Your Kickass Life” and author of “How to Stop Feeling Like Shit” in Episode 115
Andrea joins me to kick off her new book, and she talks about many of the habits that make you feel like, well, shit. I love that she talks about how being “strong” is seen as a badge of honor. What happens when you see vulnerability as being a strength instead?

3. Solocast on Creating an Actionable Bucket List in Episode 117
Bucket lists can be powerful tools, but what happens when you just make a list and don’t DO anything with it? I talk about how to make your bucket list something that is as impactful as it is trendy.

2. Solocast on Content Planning and Strategy for your Podcast, Retreat, or Blog in Episode 126
I love talking about content, and plans. As a project manager by day and a certified life coach that leads a podcasting bootcamp, this episode rolls so many things I adore all into one place.

1. Tanika Mason on Embodying Your Inner Confidence in Episode 124
A run-away, hands down favorite from Season 3, Tanika is a confidence coach and dancer who shares all about using what you’re confident in to shine. She is a joy, and I adore having gotten to know her on the show.

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