Labyrinth Basics: A Guide to Walking Meditation

Welcome to my exploration of labyrinth basics—a journey into the heart of walking meditation and self-discovery. Let’s unravel the mysteries of these ancient paths and discover why they’re more than just a stroll.

Understanding Labyrinth Basics

Labyrinths are not mazes; they’re intricate paths with a single, unbroken route leading to the center and back out again. Found in various cultures worldwide, these mesmerizing patterns symbolize life’s journey and invite introspection.

Why Walk a Labyrinth?

Walking a labyrinth is a form of walking meditation that fosters mindfulness and presence. It’s a symbolic journey of self-reflection, offers stress relief and a sense of presence, and community connection.

How to Walk a Labyrinth

A labyrinth walk usually has four phases, categorized as:

Remember – ahead of the walk take an intentional pause to clear your mind and remember what has brought you to this moment

Release – release whatever thoughts are on your mind as you stand at the entrance

Receive – while walking, allow yourself to remain open to whatever thoughts, feelings, emotions, sounds, or connections you notice. You may want to pause at the center of the labyrinth when you reach it.

Return – after walking to the center, and back out the same path you walked in, take a few moments to process your walk, and consider how you may integrate anything you received into your day.

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More Labyrinth Basics

Here are a few more tools for your labyrinth journey:

World Labyrinth Locator – an active database to find labyrinths near you, searchable by town.

Labyrinth Music – a curated list of music that works for labyrinth walks.

Labyrinth Videos on YouTube – some of my interviews and info about labyrinths

Labyrinth Books and Tools

Lauren Artress: Walking a Sacred Path* – the seminal work on the modern labyrinth movement

Lauren Artress: The Path of the Holy Fool: How the Labyrinth Ignites our Visionary Powers* – a look at the spiritual journey that is offered by the labyrinth, through the archetype of the holy fool

Finger Labyrinth: 10 Card Pack* – a pack of 10 hand labyrinths and stylus

Clasical Labyrinth Necklace* – pretty necklace with the clasically labyrinth design

*these may include an affiliate link for which I receive a small percentage of each purchase in return. It does not change your price, and it helps keep this site and podcast running. Thank you!