Energy, Joy, and Cowboy Mouth with guest Fred LeBlanc

Ep125: Energy, Joy, and Cowboy Mouth with guest Fred LeBlanc

Fred LeBlanc is the powerfully energetic drummer and lead singer of the band Cowboy Mouth from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I could not be more excited to have him on the show this week. What draws me to Fred is his true dedication to joy, to choosing it, spreading it, his dedication to elevating the vibration and awareness of everyone at his shows. From his lyrics and the way he gets a crowd excited to the way he encourages others, Fred is an amazing example of positivity, love, and good energy. I feel so very lucky to have gotten to speak with him.

Energy, Joy, and Cowboy Mouth with guest Fred LeBlanc

If you see Fred perform live with Cowboy Mouth perform live, you will witness how his dedication to bringing joy to every moment permeates the show, the music, and by extension, the crowd. Fred talks about how he made the decision early in his career to leave the successful punk group Dash Rip Rock because he could feel that the anger and firey energy of the group and music were killing him. Around this time, he was reading The Power of Positive Thinking, and he was inspired to create a new band, and do things in a different way than what he’d been seeing in the music scene. And in every show, in each interaction, in the songs, Cowboy Mouth continues to live out this positive message of believing in yourself, in choosing love, and in having faith in the greater good.

So what stood out for me in this interview? It’s Fred’s mindfulness, along with his dedication to following his intuition, having faith, and finding joy in the midst of life. We talked a lot about energy. “Playing music is a way of releasing energy,” he said, “How can I be a good source of energy, the kind that lights me up, the kind of energy I need and everyone needs? What do I bring to the game that I LOVE?”

Performing and drumming are ways that Fred taps into joy. Even during difficult times, such during his recent divorce, or when he’s worried about the potentially difficult financial side of making ends meet, he gets back in touch with joy and inspiration by taking stock in simple things. Fred said that when he’s feeling disconnected, or when he notices that he’s let ego take over, he enjoys “the feeling of a drumstick in my hand,” or feeling the power of hitting the drums. With small, mindfully chosen steps, he re-connects and can move back into a place of joy and positivity. “I find ways of growing on joy, on the simple things.”

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Fred and I talk about:

  • His being born deaf and how he feels that music was his first way of communication
  • His approach to getting a crowd fired up during the Cowboy Mouth shows
  • How intuition is an important guide
  • The impact of Norman Vincent Peale’s Power of Positive Thinking
  • How he was impacted by his divorce three years ago, and the depression that hit him during that time
  • How following what you love leads you to satisfaction, and how material things and fame can be hollow
  • Following love, over fear
  • His take on God, and the energy inside all of us
  • Their upcoming album (The Name of the Band is…Part 2), due out May 5, 2018
  • What happens when you don’t follow your intuition
  • Having faith in yourself and your ability to learn
  • That joy is “so easy, but it’s the hardest choice you’ll ever make.”


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An amazing interview with the drummer and lead singer of Cowboy Mouth, Fred LeBlanc. He talks about his divorce, being born deaf, and how he's overcome hardships in this inspiring and uplifting interview with Paula Jenkins on Jump Start Your Joy. #inspiringstory #cowboymouth #joyful