Labyrinth Facilitation

A labyrinth is an ancient symbol of transformation, growth, and self-discovery. It is a circular path with a single, winding route that leads to the center and back out again. Unlike a maze, which has dead ends and multiple paths, a labyrinth has only one path, which makes it a powerful tool for meditation, reflection, and inner guidance.

What is a Labyrinth Facilitator?

A labyrinth facilitator is a trained guide who helps individuals or groups navigate the labyrinth experience, often explaining the history, ways to approach a labyrinth walk, and offering insights about how to process a walk after it’s over. Facilitators may lead groups or individuals through the labyrinth, offering guidance, support, and reflection prompts to enhance the experience.

Responsibilities of a Labyrinth Facilitator:

– Create a peaceful and calming atmosphere
– Introduce the history and symbolism of labyrinths
– Guide participants in preparing for the labyrinth walk
– Provide support and encouragement during the walk
– Facilitate reflection and sharing after the walk
– Help participants integrate their insights and discoveries into daily life

What I do as a Labyrinth Faciliator

You can work with me for individual walks, or inquire about having me lead a group walk. I’ve worked with summer camps, groups of retirees considering their legacy, retreats for addiction recovery, life coaches, book clubs, faith formation and first communion groups, and corporate teams.

I love creating a walk that is tailored to you, your group, and any theme that you may have as part of a retreat. With my background as a life coach and retreat leader, I love working with groups and love holding space as people experience the labyrinth.

Some of my clients include:

San Damiano Retreat in Danville, California: World Labyrinth Day (2023, 2024), Labyrinth Retreat Day, Learn to Pray in a Day, and Retreat Leader from 2004-2015.

Kennolyn Camps in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California: Created a labyrinth and mindfulness program for the campers and counselors of this 75+ year old summer camp. (2019-2023)

Catholics of Pleasanton: Faith Formation group. Leading a group of RCIA through the history and meaning of the labyrinth in the Catholic faith. (2021-2024)

Legacy Workshop / Spirit in the Desert: Your Story, Your Legacy Retreat: A Full Sensory Exploration: Retreat for those considering their legacy. (2023, 2024)

Nurturing Recovery: A Women’s 12 Step Recovery Retreat. (2023, 2024)

St. Anthony’s Confirmation Retreat: a labyrinth walk for 80+ teens and their chaperones at this youth faith formation event (2024)

My credentials

I’m an “Advanced Labyrinth Facilitator” through Veriditas, which means I’ve completed their coursework and trained with Lauren Artress. I also hold a Master of Arts in Religion from Yale Divinity School, and a life coach certification, and I’ve been a project manager for over 25 years. I was baptised as a Lutheran in Minnesota, and have spent a good deal of time studying under Lutherans, the Episcopal Church, and The Franciscans. My approach is welcoming, ecumenical, and inclusive.

More about the Labyrinth

Lauren Artress is the founder of Veriditas and started what is referred to as the modern labyrinth movement. She has written “Walking a Sacred Path,” “A Sacred Path Companion,” and “The Path of the Holy Fool.”

She also joined me on my podcast to talk about the Labyrinth, and you can see that video here: