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Ep122: Defining Boundaries, Embracing Kindness, and How to Live Your Most Joyful Life with guest Amy Smith

Whenever you get two people who love talking about joy together, well, things are going to get explosively fun. I am so thrilled to have Amy Smith of The Joy Junkie on the show this week. Amy is a coach, joy enthusiast, and she very intuitively understands the nuances of helpful and kind communication.

I adored getting to talk to her because she has a very no-nonsense attitude about getting real about the shit that’s going on in your internal landscape so that you can change it, and get to the joy that is waiting for you on the other side of all that hard stuff. She approaches all of this with a joyful heart and a true desire to present things in a way that is kind and loving with those around her. And, it’s not just about being kind and loving with others; Amy looks to share that same respect and love with herself, making it her intention to show up in her life in ways that make her feel proud of herself and her actions. I think there is so much to learn from her approach 🙂


The Joy Junkie Amy Smith


One of my favorite moments of this interview is when Amy said, “If you’re presenting info to someone they don’t want to hear, there’s a way to say this in kindness and grace.”

[bctt tweet=”“If you’re presenting info to someone they don’t want to hear, there’s a way to say this in kindness and grace.”” username=”jumpstartjoy”]

In this episode, Amy and I talk about:

  • Being an angsty teen with an anxiety disorder, and growing up in a born-again Christian home
  • Loving the things that were often chastised by family – Barbies, pink things, sparkly things
  • How to approach your family in a gracious and firm way, by asking graceful and respectful questions
  • Letting go of the outcome of situations, and learning to show up in a way that makes you proud
  • Figuring out what you haven’t given voice to, and with whom. This is the area you need to grow in
  • How we all gravitate to feeling only the “comfortable” emotions, and how you get to the other side faster if you allow yourself to feel pain (or the other uncomfortable emotions)
  • What resilience looks like
  • Current resistance: What does God mean to me know?
  • Amy’s thoughts on jumpstarting joy: give yourself the freedom to feel the uncomfortable emotions, manage your negative self-talk, and taking inventory around where and with whom you are not speaking up?


Amy Smith’s Website: The Joy Junkie

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Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly (book with the ‘numb the dark, numb the light’ quote, on Amazon)


If you have issues setting boundaries, and feel like you avoid having difficult conversations because it will make you look like a jerk, you need to listen to this podcast interview with two joy experts, Amy Smith and Paula Jenkins. They both are life coaches and share how to find more joy in your life. #howtofindjoy #livehappy #podcast