Embodying Inner Confidence with Tanika Mason

Embodying Inner Confidence with guest Tanika Mason

Tanika Mason is a confidence embodiment coach, dancer, and single mom, and I’m thrilled to have her join me on the podcast this week. What I love (and I know will resonate with so many of you) is that Tanika is a true multi-passionate person, following many of her interests and working with clients in a multitude of ways. From choreographing to creating life and business plans, and strategies for clients, Tanika works with her clients to help them embody their inner, sexy, bold confidence. Her focus is to help clients unleash their confidence, allowing them to take courageous action in turning their side businesses into their dream businesses. I’m delighted to be sharing all about embodying inner confidence with guest Tanika Mason.

Ep124: Embodying Your Inner Confidence with Tanika Mason


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Embodying Inner Confidence with guest Tanika Mason:

  • Growing up as a military brat and the influence that has had on her life
  • Self-confidence and embodiment
  • That action is the differentiator
  • Embracing the outcome of any event, whether it be success or failure
  • Listening to your body, and understanding if you’ve got butterflies, it’s a great indicator that you need to do the thing
  • Understanding people are able to feel confident whether they’re corset training, wearing baggy clothing, or totally nude
  • Learning how to adapt your lifestyle to gain confidence in your body
  • Learning about people’s differences and how they can find common ground
  • Finding the right thing for you in business, and following that
  • That it’s time to think of yourself first, and don’t feel guilty about what that means
  • It’s courageous to ask for help
  • How dance has influenced her work and her life
  • That it’s OK to take a break when you need it


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This great podcast interview with Tanika Mason is about finding your confidence. Tanika is a dancer, marketing expert, and confidence coach. Click to listen now and get tips for finding your confidence, and pin to save for later. #confidence #choosejoy #podcast