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Chris Guillebeau on Discovering the Work You Were Born to Do

Chris Guillebeau on Discovering the Work You Were Meant to Do

were born to do, which is the focus of his brand new book, Born For This. Chris is the creator of the World Domination Summit, author of The $100 Start Up, The Art of Non-Conformity, and The Happiness Pursuit. He’s traveled to 193 countries using travel hacking. I’m super excited to bring him on to speak about his new book, Born for This, and to talk about how joy has played a part in his journey, plus get his input on how to bring your dream into action AND ways to jump start your joy. I hope you enjoy hearing from Chris Guillebeau on discovering the work you were meant to do.

How to Power a Small Business Through the Successful Use of Facebook Groups with Jordana Jaffe

How to Power a Small Business Through the Successful Use of Facebook Groups with Jordana Jaffe

Jordana Jaffe joins me in this interview to discuss using Facebook groups to create a super comfy, magical business. When this episode was originally recorded in 2016, Jordana was working with introvert female entrepreneurs to create their own highly engaged Facebook groups. She also offered coaching on how to successfully participate in other Facebook groups to grow online community and get clients. She has a ton of great info and insights for non-introverts too. I hope you’ll tune in as I talk to Jordana Jaffe on how to power a small business through the successful use of Facebook Groups.

Emilie Wapnick on creating Puttylike and being a Multipotentialite

Emilie Wapnick on Creating Puttylike and Being a Multipotentialite

Emilie Wapnick is the Founder, and Creative Director for¬†Puttylike, an online home for “multipotentialites,” which are people with many interests and creative pursuits. Her philosophy is that you do not have to do just one thing with your life, and that it is possible to integrate your many interests into your life. Emilie is a writer, speaker, mentor, coach, and she is currently working on a traditionally published book (How to be Everything!), as well. I hope you enjoy this interview with Emilie Wapnick on creating Puttylike and being a multipotentialite.

How to attract your perfect client as an entrepreneur

How to Attract Your Perfect Client as an Entrepreneur with Diane Pauley

One of the hardest things when you are just starting out is figuring out how to attract your perfect client. Diane Pauley works with women in small businesses, and helps them build interactions with potential clients that then translate into long lasting working relationships. She is the “Client Conversationalist,” and over the last year she has refocused and reworked her own business to be focused on reaching out to her own clients. She has discovered that her true “Special Someones” are often earlier versions of her own self, and is now teaching her own clients how to tap into their own transformation to help others. Tune in to this interview on Jump Start Your Joy to discover how to attract your perfect client as an entrepreneur with Diane Pauley.

Logan Nickleson on Creating Music for Makers

Royalty-free Music for Podcasts and YouTube with Logan Nickleson of Music for Makers

This week, I’m interviewing Logan Nickleson about how he creates royalty free music for podcast YouTube creators at Music for Makers. Logan is a content marketer and strategist at an ad agency during the day, and he started Music for Makers about six months ago. Noting that there were very limited choices available for royalty free music, he wanted to create more options for small businesses and entrepreneurs that they could use on their podcasts and YouTube. Having a background in music himself, Logan set out to fill a gap in the industry. The result is an amazing, free, site full of original music that you can use for any project. Join me as I

Christy Tennery-Spalding on Self Care and Sacred Focus

Christy Tennery-Spalding is an amazing healer, activist, writer & self-care mentor. She works with world changing individuals to help them craft amazing self-care practices. She is the author of Setting Gratitude Free, and the creator of Sacred Focus, an online course., and the podcaster behind “Tending Your Life.” I’m so very excited to have her on the show this week. Tune in to hear my interview with Christy Tennery-Spalding on self care and sacred focus.

TRex Tuesdays interview on Jump Start Your Joy podcast

Trex Tuesdays on Having Fun and Making People Laugh

skating video (which you can see here). A dinosaur on ice skates! And s/he was REALLY good!
It turns out that the TRexes live in Minnesota, and they really love to spread joy and cheer to people. With over 400,000 Facebook fans, they are making quite a splash! Honestly, what could be more joy-filled than TRexes making awesome videos to share on Facebook? Join me as I interview TRex Tuesdays on having fun and making people laugh.

An interview with David Ramos on Jump Start Your Joy

Author David Ramos on Finding Hope and Truth in the Old Testament

David Ramos is the author of of four books, with one more coming out next week. He’s passionate about the stories of the Old Testament, and bringing them to life for the modern reader.¬†This week’s episode holds a special place in my heart. David originally contacted me about reviewing his book, and I wrote him back and asked if he might like “to nerd out over the Old Testament on my podcast?” And, he accepted. I hope you enjoy this interview with author David Ramos on finding hope and truth in the Old Testament.