How to attract your perfect client as an entrepreneur

How to Attract Your Perfect Client as an Entrepreneur with Diane Pauley

One of the hardest things when you are just starting out is figuring out how to attract your perfect client. Diane Pauley works with women in small businesses, and helps them build interactions with potential clients that then translate into long lasting working relationships. She is the “Client Conversationalist,” and over the last year she has refocused and reworked her own business to be focused on reaching out to her own clients. She has discovered that her true “Special Someones” are often earlier versions of her own self, and is now teaching her own clients how to tap into their own transformation to help others. Tune in to this interview on Jump Start Your Joy to discover how to attract your perfect client as an entrepreneur with Diane Pauley.

I really loved speaking with Diane, because her take on how to find and “woo” clients is so very different from the standard “hustle” that many entrepreneurs hear and talk about. Instead of it being about an endless, hard sell, her approach reflects something more heartfelt, focused on someone’s “why” in life, instead of it being about the “how.” Her own shift, on focusing on the “why” came about in 2014, and this year she has changed her business completely.

In this episode, Diane Pauley and I talk about:

Diane Pauley on how to find your special someone in business

– the creative things Diane loved to do as a child (singing, dancing, acting)
– Diane’s definition of a Client Conversationalist, and how she helps heart and soul women entrepreneurs approach marketing a little differently
– why it works well for entrepreneurs to focus on “special someones” instead of using hard selling, and how this will lead to landing clients
– why some entrepreneurs get lured into the “hustle”
– how her business radically transformed after her first year of being an entrepreneur
– about how focusing on the foundation helped her clarify her message and her “why.”
– what she would tell her 2014 self about the year of transition she would face in 2015
– how the “hero’s journey” is at the heart of every entrepreneurial journey
– how turning one’s wounds into scars allows them to be “strategically vulnerable, letting them come from a place of receiving, to a place of giving support to others
– how to find your “Special Someones” as clients, and why it’s not so unlike finding a special someone while dating
– how she has changed up her approach to working with her ideal clients, and how it’s working for her.
– the people who have inspired her, included in her answer to how she would jump start joy in other people’s lives

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Kyle Cease – transformational comedian
Fabian Fredericksen – Client Attraction Business School

21 thoughts on “How to Attract Your Perfect Client as an Entrepreneur with Diane Pauley”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    She sounds like a wise woman. I am looking forward to hearing her on the podcast.

  2. Love this! Actually I am going to email this to my eldest daughter so she can hear the podcast as well.
    She sounds like a wise woman and heaven knows today I need someone with a good head on her shoulders!

  3. What and interesting idea that she connects so well with people who are herself at different points in her life. I am heading over now to listen to the whole podcast…. I always enjoy your topics!

  4. Oh I am sending this link to my friend. She is just starting out with her new business and was telling me earlier this week how she didn’t want people to feel pressure from her.

  5. I have to agree with you on this one. When you place your focus on one type of prospect, you speak to them. You learn to meet their needs. And slowly but surely, you grab their attention.

  6. This sounds like a very helpful podcast to help me refocus my blogging journey. I’ve been so caught up in trying to keep up with the “hustle” of others, I’ve lost sight of the mission I had to help other chronic illness patients like me when I started my blog. Pinning so I can come back to this, got a sick little one at home today.

  7. laura londergan

    This is very timely as I have been struggling with some refocusing issues with my blog and my journey. I think it’s normal we all go through things at times but good to have this to listen too when I need it.

  8. Love the quote and the post and how you encourage and promote innovation and creativity. Such a unique way of understanding how to grow your own business.

  9. I think using a podcast is a great way to reach your audience. I enjoy listening to others do this but not sure if I’m quite ready to jump in and try it myself. I love the emphasis on creativity and authenticity.

  10. This is a great podcast. I loved the way it started with what brought joy and sparked imagination to us when we were young. For me I think it is a combination of heart and head along with why and how. When I feel overwhelmed and unfocused I go back to the heart and why, but then I plan out with head and how. The hustle and pressure will burn you out! I think we all need to figure out what works for us. This podcast gave me a lot to think about.

  11. I’ll have to take a listen, sounds like something that could benefit me and my business. I like the term, Client Conversationalist – rather than hard selling. I use the term “hustle” because as a entrepreneur, I feel I’m always hustling…

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