Logan Nickleson on Creating Music for Makers

Royalty-free Music for Podcasts and YouTube with Logan Nickleson of Music for Makers

This week, I’m interviewing Logan Nickleson about how he creates royalty free music for podcast YouTube creators at Music for Makers. Logan is a content marketer and strategist at an ad agency during the day, and he started Music for Makers about six months ago. Noting that there were very limited choices available for royalty free music, he wanted to create more options for small businesses and entrepreneurs that they could use on their podcasts and YouTube. Having a background in music himself, Logan set out to fill a gap in the industry. The result is an amazing, free, site full of original music that you can use for any project. Join me as I discuss royalty-free music for podcasts and YouTube with Logan Nickleson of Music for Makers.

I really enjoyed speaking with Logan, and I love getting his music. I even used “Riot,” this week’s track, in my closing comments. He and I had so much in common, having both launched our new ventures (his Music for Makers and my Jump Start Your Joy podcast) about six months ago. Logan has great thoughts on why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail in trying something new, as he sees everything as a big experiment.

Copy-right cleared music that is safe for podcasts and YouTube

Logan just released his pro subscription version of Music for Makers, as well. For just $149, you can have access to all of the music he’s released. And because they make all of our music in-house, Music for Makers is able to guarantee that it is copyright-cleared. That means you can use it on any video platform (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch) and in podcasts with zero risk of running into copyright issues. So you’ll never have problems sharing or monetizing your project. The real benefit is know you can safely use the music on your YouTube videos or on your podcast without having to read fine print or double check. And you only pay once for a ton of music!

In this episode Logan Nickleson and I talk about:

Logan Nickleson on Creating Music for Makers

– his current role as a content marketer / content strategist and what that means
– what he loved doing as a child
– how as kids we value creativity, but in school, there’s something that happens in the institutional learning process that seems to take the creativity away.
– his inspiration for starting “Music for Makers”
– how royalty free music (like that available on freebeats.io as well as his own site) is filling a need within the social media ecosystem that traditional music licensing is missing
– how his launch strategy for Music for Makers was unconventional (targeting “everyone”), why it worked, and what he learned
– how music for video games is interactive and fascinating, from a maker’s standpoint (and we nerd out over World of Warcraft)
– what kind of music video game developers are looking for and why it’s different
– how he juggles a full time job, and a large side project like Music for Makers
– his idea of Creative Minimalism, and how limitations encourages his creativity, instead of stifling it
– how to use and leverage deadlines to get work out the door
– how online makers can take advantage of video, with it being easier than ever before to shoot and post video
– the role of “Content Shock” as a possible reason for people watching more video – along with a chat about other fun terms like Digital Hoarders and FOMO
– that trying out the simplest part of your dream is good for you because it either makes you hungry for more, or confirms that it wasn’t exactly what you wanted to do

Logan’s Music for Makers website (use the code “jumpstart” to get $15 off your pro subscription)
Jon Stewart’s interview on Fresh Air / NPR where says “Creativity Comes from limits, not freedom.”
Unsplash – royalty free stock photography
Death to Stock Photo – royalty free stock photography

How has music impacted your life?



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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) Avatar
    Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That sounds like it’s going to be an interesting podcast. He sounds like a fascinating person.

  2. Laci Avatar

    Wow definitely interested I have been really enjoying pod cast lately must check him out

  3. Ana De- Jesus Avatar

    I look forward to checking his music and listening to the podcast. It is amazing what he has achieved so far.

  4. Michele Avatar

    I will have to listen to this on my run over the weekend… thanks for the heads up!

  5. laura londergan Avatar
    laura londergan

    wow it does sound like he has a lot going on. You never think (or at least I dont) about the music part of things and then you see something like this & are suddenly made aware that someone has to do it 😉

  6. jill conyers Avatar

    Sounds like a great podcast. Adding it to my to-listen list. I love the consume less quote.

  7. Fatima Avatar

    It’s amazing how much content is published on a daily basis. Logan is right, kids are very creative and oftentimes school takes away from their creativeness and they just do as they’re told.

  8. Louise Bishop Avatar

    Failing is learning. There’s nothing wrong with failing because it’s just a window into something better!

  9. Yona Williams Avatar

    It’s very motivating to read and hear about stories of people who come up with an idea and follow through to create something greater. Royalty free music is definitely beneficial for musicians and those seeking this type of music. Music has impacted my life by providing a constant motivation.

  10. karissa Avatar

    This sounds very interesting. I will have to check it out.