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Chris Guillebeau on Discovering the Work You Were Meant to Do

I interview Chris Guillebeau in this episode, and we’re talking about discovering the work you were born to do, which is the focus of his brand new book, Born For This. Chris is the creator of the World Domination Summit, author of The $100 Start Up, The Art of Non-Conformity, and The Happiness Pursuit. He’s traveled to 193 countries using travel hacking. I’m super excited to bring him on to speak about his new book, Born for This, and to talk about how joy has played a part in his journey, plus get his input on how to bring your dream into action AND ways to jump start your joy. I hope you enjoy hearing from Chris Guillebeau on discovering the work you were meant to do.

Born for This by Chris Guillebeau

I really enjoyed getting to speak to him about his thoughts around how someone finds the work they were born to do. As someone who has had several jobs doing work that felt draining and unrewarding before discovering a career that I really love, it’s interesting to hear how other people go about finding work they love, too.  This discussion definitely influenced how I think about where joy and purpose intersect; and I’ll be diving into that more in my upcoming webinar : When Joy Meets Purpose (you can RSVP for that by clicking here.)

In this interview, Chris Guillebeau and I talk about:

Chris Guillebeau on Discovering the Work You Were Born to Do

(2:00) Early “internal” and “external” sparks of joy: reading, playing video games, playing with his brother.
(2:40) impact of living in several foreign countries as a child, and how he was drawn to discovery and exploration as a youngster
(3:40) “the foreign is familiar”
(3:55) how the topic of “Born For This” took shape, and the themes of Chris’ new book. He’s writing how to find the work you were born to do, something that one has an appitude for, and something that brings someone joy. Apptitude + Joy + Sustainable + Good at
(4:40) his desire to crack the “winning the career lottery” code; how some people find a job that they love (and would do for free), and what the patterns are for people who do this, how can he help readers crack this code?
(5:45) how the majority of people don’t have one clear path on what to do for work, and how they can craft a job that they feel they were “born to do”
(6:45) Chris’ journey to finding work he loves
(6:55) Example of Laura Simms’ story – an actress turned career coach who has created a career she loves (hint: trial and error)
(8:30) How in creating a job you love, you leverage your past, and the things you loved about previous jobs and roles
(9:05) how joy + money + flow fit into finding your dream job (some things that bring us joy may not pay the bills, and that makes it a hobby)
(9:40) flow, as something that is easy and makes perfect sense to us
(10:00) how to use the convergance point of joy + money + flow to define your perfect career match
(11:00) Flow as something that’s easy for you is not easy for everyone else
(11:30) considering the environment in which you do your best work
(12:30) What joy means to Chris
(13:35) the role that luck plays in the journey
(15:20) what causes some people to be “stuck” and unable to make a courageous choice, and being inspired by both negative (what happens if I don’t) vs positive (what’s possible if I do) possible outcomes
(17:00) The good news for you – you’re probably already determined to make a change and find what you’re born to do.
(18:10) What Chris feels he was born to do.
(18:55) how the journey since first publishing the World Guide to Domination has changed him.
(19:40) how valuing consensus changed the edginess of his writing and how he’s been looking to change that over the past two years.
(20:00) information about the 30 city tour in support of “Born for This”
(21:20) Chris’ thoughts on how to bring your dream into action (make it tangible)

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