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How to Power a Small Business Through the Successful Use of Facebook Groups with Jordana Jaffe

Jordana Jaffe joins me in this interview to discuss using Facebook groups to create a super comfy, magical business. When this episode was originally recorded in 2016, Jordana was working with introvert female entrepreneurs to create their own highly engaged Facebook groups. She also offered coaching on how to successfully participate in other Facebook groups to grow online community and get clients. She has a ton of great info and insights for non-introverts too. I hope you’ll tune in as I talk to Jordana Jaffe on how to power a small business through the successful use of Facebook Groups.

In looking back at this conversation through the lens of 2022 (and Jordana has shifted her business completely away from this model), I feel so much of this conversation is still relevant. What stands out to me is Jordana Jaffe sharing about her entrepreneurial journey. She’s transparent about the toll that running multiple launches in a single year had on her. She felt disconnected from herself, and wanted to find a way to tap into her own strengths as a business owner. The result is a business that feels energized, and cozy, and was one that she ran from home before shifting it.

Jordana Jaffe on Creating a Magical Business Using Facebook Groups

In this episode, Jordana Jaffe and I talk about:
(3:00) Her early sparks of joy: playing and being silly 0 coloring, dressing up and playing pretend, coloring
(4:05) What she does now: Strategy for introverts and home-bodies around creating Facebook groups to grow and support a business
(4:50) Jordana’s biggest lessons from her past work experiences. Keep going, even if it means slowing down.
(5:45) Experiences in the past that confirmed and directed where Jordana wanted to go. Including a quote by MLK, Jr. You don’t need to see the whole staircase, you just need to take the next step.
(6:40) How Jordana’s brand developed into one of joy and openness, by fixing what isn’t working and going with what does.
(8:25) How an intensive back to back launch cycle in 201 3 left Jordana “WILDLY exhausted, extremely disconnected from myself, and have no idea what fun feels like anymore.”
(10:50) Jordana’s shift to doing business on her own terms after the whirlwind of 2013.
(12:10) Focusing on pleasure, joy, and fun, while growing a business to make the journey as sustainable as the destination.
(13:00) the myth of “making 6 figures” and why revenue and profit are not the same thing – Jordana’s experience with “making” $15,000 and spending $13,500 to do so.
(16:10) How to re-ignite the excitement as an entrepreneur if you’ve been sucked into the obsession of the hustle, or too focused on the bottom line.
(17:40) The “head to hand” connection – why writing things down makes them more powerful and more actionable.
(18:10) What she loves about her business, now. (it ties back to making the journey feel great, instead of focusing on the destination).
(18:40) The top things that holds people back from getting involved and starting a Facebook group. (fear and uncertainty of how to do it)
(19:30) Her advice on what to do if fear is holding you back from starting a Facebook group.
(20:20) What it feels like to be in one’s zone of genius (and why our comfort zone is OK) – how we can learn to trust intuition when fears come up.
(21:20) Stepping outside of your comfort zone can still feel cozy.
(22:44) How some people attach success to a platform (Instagram, Periscope, any social media), instead of looking to see what platform may be right for them.
(24:00) How to find the right platform for YOU.
(25:30) The benefits of a Facebook group vs a Facebook page for a small business (think billboard vs intimate dinner party)
(27:35) How often you would want to be involved with your Facebook group to see good results. (early and often in the beginning)
(29:15) Finding your truth in life, and how/why to get in touch with your own inner-knowingness.
(30:45) The most rewarding parts of Jordana’s work (getting to support people in ways that are rewarding to them)
(31:00) What might surprise you about Jordana’s work
(32:00) Her thoughts on how to bring your Dream Into Action
(32:45) Her ideas on how to jump start your joy


As of 2022, Jordana has shifted her business completely, and no longer focuses on running Facebook Groups. I’ve removed the links to the resources shared because the information in the interview given is no longer available at those URLs.

How have you followed your heart in business?