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Ep151: How to Get Unstuck in Your Life and Business with Host Paula Jenkins

Feeling stuck and like you have no momentum sucks. The truth is you will more than likely feel stuck at some point in your life, whether that be in your business or around personal growth, or at a full time job. I often feel it, and find myself questioning if I’m “on the right path,” even four years into the podcast. This week on the podcast, I’m sharing about how I had an aha moment around “How to get Unstuck.”

How to Get Unstuck

At a recent conference, I attended a break-out session entitled “How to get Unstuck in Your Business.” My aha moment did not come from the speakers or the info that was being shared in the room.

I went into that room thinking that to be successful or to be well received or to be on the “right” path that I should be further along than I currently am. That I needed to have it all figured out, and that somehow my current situation wasn’t enough.

And then I started thinking. I like having time with my son, while he’s seven. I like having some space to breathe and to think. I love the clients I work with and I love the work I do.

And while it may seem super simple, or overly obvious, and very zen, I decided to ask my own intuition a few questions, and answer these questions in the form of a letter (you can learn more about it from Jess Lively.)

Instead of focusing on this idea that I’m stuck, or if you’re listening, instead of focusing on the idea that YOU are stuck… what if we stop fighting reality of what is, and accept that we are OK right now, just the way you and I are?

What if we change the Story in our head, or, the narrative, from “I’m not far enough along” to “I’m enough right where I am”??

What if instead of “I’m not far enough along,” I say “I’m learning and in the process, and I’m becoming exactly who I dream of being”??

As I was writing this letter, I found my intuition asking me if I was really stuck. I want to share this with you because I feel like it may be helpful for someone out there. Here’s what I wrote:

“There’s wisdom in staying put. In being OK with what is, right this moment. You want more time. The only fear based statement here is the false belief that things will not work out for you. Let that go. Your son is only going to be 7 once, and you want more time with him. This time you have now, it is a blessing.

About your business, there’s only one you. That’s the thing to focus on, and the thing to sell the shit out of. Because there is only one you and your services are valuable. You absolutely won’t find another client you love if you don’t put yourself out there. And there is wisdom in slowing down and letting this time be what it is.”

Here ere are four other ways to get unstuck.

1. Journal it out
Two Questions to Journal On:
So I’ll put that question back out to you. What is the truth of this time for you?
If you are feeling stuck, is it true that you are actually stuck?

2. Have Faith that you are just where you should be, right this second.
One of my mentors, Sister Michelle, used to teach us that “the right people will come, at the right moment, and with the right information.”
What happens if you shift how you view your current situation, and have the faith in the truth that things are happening, at the right time?

3. Do ‘The Work’
One of my favorite ways to work through what Byron Katie calls “painful thoughts” is to go through the steps of doing “The Work.” When you think of the thing or situation that is making you feel stuck, stop and ask yourself:
is it true?
And then you ask, is it really true?
Who am I when I believe this thought?
Who would I be without this thought?
You can learn more about this one at Byron Katie’s site.

4. Take Action and Turn up the Crossfade
Action is the quickest and most direct way to get unstuck. While you may currently be feeling stuck, I’m betting you have taken some steps, somewhere along the way, to start working towards your dream (or business, or personal growth).

One of my past guests, Matt Wood – a sound engineer for Skywalker sound, talked about how having the patience for things is a lot like turning up the cross fade in our life. He explained that the thing that you’re working on starts out at an almost un-perceivable level in your life. You know it’s there but you can’t quite hear it. Then, as time goes on, that thing gets more perceivable in your life. Like music in a cross fade, that thing gets louder, and then you can hear the melody of that thing in your life.
Before long, the crossfade has happened, and whatever dream or thing you’ve been following is now present, really and truly present in your life.

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