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Ep152: Discover the Right Time to Follow Your Dreams with Host Paula Jenkins

This week on the show, let’s talk about some great ways to discover the right time to follow your dreams.


Not too long ago, I got to meet up with two of my friend-preneurs to go out along San Francisco Bay and talk about how things were going with our tiny businesses. As we walked and talked under the hot summer sun, we came to a place in the path where the sun had baked what had once been mud, and the earth was cracked and peeling. Tire tracks from a truck were visible on the path, a reminder of the rainy winter, when this path would have been nearly impassable because of thick mud near this swampy part of the bay.

It felt like a metaphor for our lives, too. You try hard to do something, to walk a new path and you discover that the conditions make it difficult, if not impossible. Of course you push forward, maybe you get stuck, but you keep trying.Discover the right time to follow your dreams

And the aha moment for me is this – what if it’s not so much that the path is impassable, but that your timing is off?
What if the dream you are going after is like that path: easy to walk during one season, and all but impossible in another?

How to discover the right time to follow your dreams:

1. Have Patience
Sometimes, we think we are ready before we are.
What if, behind the scenes, the universe is making that path smooth for you?
What if there is something else you need to learn before you are ready for the next step?
Tune in to the podcast to hear a lot more on this.

2. Trust that the universe is looking out for you
I like to tell a story about my son, when he was 18 months old. He used to be obsessed with extension cords, wanting to chew on them if he found them in the house. We baby-proofed to make sure he didn’t harm himself, and I learned a lot about the human spirit in the process.
There have been plenty of times when I have been upset because I didn’t get what I wanted. Plenty of times when I was obsessed with something, and yet it was kept just out of my reach no matter how hard I tried to get to it.
Is it possible that the universe is looking out for you and me, and that there are things that are kept an arm’s length from us for our own best interest?

3. Try a different angle
If you’ve come up against something that feels impassable, Is there another way you can approach your work, or the dream you’re working on?
Could you begin taking action on a different portion of the work related to your dream?
Action, in the way of taking the next step toward the dream you are working on, is important. If you’ve hit a place where you’re not getting traction on one part of your work, it may be valuable to switch up your approach.
You’ll learn new things, and keep your momentum going.

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