Embracing "Playing Small" to Start a Creative Business that Delights You

Embracing “Playing Small” to Start a Creative Business that Delights You

This week on the show, I’m really excited to be talking all about playing small, how you can use the ideas of playing small to get started on building a creative business, all your own. In other words, I’m sharing how you can embrace “playing small” to start a creative business that delights you.

One of the things that I’ve been talking about in season five is playing small. It’s as a response to the overwhelming messages that are out there in so many of the circles right now about “playing big” and “leaning in,” and how we all need to find ways to stretch and put ourselves out there in a big way. I’ve found that this kind of thing is deeply uncomfortable for many of us. The ick factor isn’t limited to those who are introverts, either. The idea of pushing and hustling makes lots of people feel like they don’t know enough, they don’t do enough, or they aren’t trying hard enough when things don’t happen “fast enough.”

Embracing "Playing Small" to Start a Creative Business that Delights YouIn this episode, I’m sharing 4 things that hold us back when we try to embrace the ideas of “playing big”:

  1. You focus on the impact and worry about whatever you’re doing being big, when that isn’t the point of a creative endeavor. Focus on the creativity, first.
  2. You focus on a “big announcement.” Nobody really cares about a big announcement when you’re starting out. They will take notice when you are consistent and building something.
  3. Worrying about the “bigness” of your business can stop you in your tracks, instead of inspiring you to keep going.

Instead, embrace these things that help build a creative business (and are all about “Playing Small.”)

  1. Embrace a beginners mindset. This is all new to you. Let it be interesting and let yourself be a beginner.
  2. Take a look at the role fear is playing in getting started, and question if fear is helping you? Or is it hindering you?
  3. Know that you don’t have to know “everything” to start.
  4. Ask how you can let this be an experiment. If there’s no right, or wrong, what happens?
  5. Stick what what lights you up and feels like second nature. Playing small is about embracing ease and what comes easily to you.
  6. Build with change in mind. Things will change, and it’s OK to roll with change when it presents itself.
  7. Keep going. There might be change or setbacks, but you can choose to keep going even when things seem hard.

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