Molly Larkin Speaks About Meeting All things with Loving Kindness

In this interview I had the pleasure of talking to Molly Larkin about meeting addiction with loving kindness. Molly is a dear. I remember meeting her for the first time in January and being impressed with her presence. Strong, comforting, welcoming. She’s the kind of person who makes you feel at ease and OK in your own skin. Learning that Molly is a registered nurse and a certified life coach, makes sense, she is so undoubtedly in her element in the work that she does. Tune in to this interview where Molly Larkin speaks about meeting all things with loving kindness.

Molly Larkin Speaks About Meeting All Things With Loving Kindness

Molly Larkin Meeting Addiction with Loving Kindness

What I find remarkable about this interview is the way she dives right in and we talk about “hard stuff” – addiction, eating disorders, ego, and self worth. In the same instance, Molly exudes humor, love, and acceptance. I truly enjoyed our conversation, and I’m so glad that we have crossed paths.

In this episode, Molly and I talk about:
– Her experience with addiction and an eating disorder
– How “maitri” (loving kindness) has been a key to her unlocking painful thoughts
– “The Work” of Byron Katie
– The ego’s role in painful thoughts
– How to return to joy, even when the ego is running the show, and one is stuck n the midst of painful thoughts
– Molly’s work with clients, and how to begin freeing oneself from addiction

Resources for this show:
Molly Larkin’s website
Read Molly’s post on eating disorders
Courageous Living Coach Certification Website and registration (tell Kate that Molly & Paula sent you)
Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is” – my favorite of her books, on Amazon – it’s simply brilliant and I know you’ll love it!