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Episode 14: Secret Bad Girl: A Journey of Sexual Trauma Resolution with Rachael Maddox

Rachael Maddox is the recent author of the book “Secret Bad Girl” in which shares her own journey. Subtitled “How I broke my long-standing sexual trauma spell and grew vibrant, vital & free. A provocative memoir & wildly wise resolution guide,” her book relays her story, and offers insights on how anyone under the trauma spell can reach full recovery. Rachael is a coach, a singer and songwriter, and a teacher, plus she’s funny, real, and so genuine. While it’s a tough topic, we both laugh plenty and share how joy really IS possible, even after living through a traumatic event (Rachael’s past trauma being sexual trauma, mine being PTSD related to childbirth).

Secret Bad Girl with Rachael Maddox on Jump Start Your Joy

In this episode, Rachael outlines some of her findings in researching how to resolve sexual trauma. She shares that trauma is something stored in the body, the result of a person’s fight, flight, or freeze response not being fully resolved after the initial trauma incident. In her work, which involves extensive coaching, training, and research, she’s found that resolving sexual trauma is something best done through somatic (body) work. Her approach is heartfelt, genuine, and something she’s lived through.

Rachael had a successful kickstarter, and her book is now available for download on Amazon starting 1/19/16.

In this episode, Rachael talks about:
– what trauma is, and how it remains in your body long after the trauma event
– the definition of a trauma spell or trauma cloud
– different kinds of trauma, such as post traumatic stress disorder and rape trauma
– Rachael’s path to healing, which started at Adult Circus camp
– suggestions for addressing trauma in your own life
– Rachael’s Dream Tour around the US this last summer
– her song, “live” on the podcast, “Shake”
– where I fess up about one of my core desired feelings being “enraptured” and Rachael’s insights on how rapture means to “be your longing”
– the Celestine Prophecy of Everything (Rachael’s take on her role in the world)



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Singing into Joy a Podcast interview with Rachael Maddox on Jump Start Your Joy