Kathleen Davies on ‘More Light,” Love, and Acceptance

It’s my greatest pleasure to kick off the Jump Start Your Joy podcast with an interview with Kathleen Davies, where we talk about “More Light,” Love, and Acceptance. Kathleen and I met at Yale Divinity School where we became fast friends and room mates. Highlights of those days include our working together in the admissions office and later living in the servant’s quarters above the garage of one of the master’s homes from Yale College. Truly, it was a strange and magical time, and Yale was an interesting place.

Kathleen is ordained in the Presbyterian Church, and currently a Pastor at Community of the Servant-Savior Church in Houston, Texas. In this episode we talk about:

Kathleen Davies on Jump Start Your Joy

– her early sparks of joy listening to her Mother and Aunts tell stories, and how that ties to her current work as a preaching pastor
– what moved her to be more involved with social justice, after initially not feeling like she wanted to be propelled into the spotlight
– how same sex marriage ceremonies are a sacrament, not a spectacle, and how to honor that
– what it means to live in the fullness of God’s creation
– the meaning of “More Light,” and how her congregation welcomes all people to be in genuine community with each other
– how she balances the fine line of engaging with the media to bring light to social justice, and keeping the lives of her own congregation private
– her ideas on how you can bring your own dream into action
– how truly committing to a dream is one of the ways to bring joy into your life



7 responses to “Kathleen Davies on ‘More Light,” Love, and Acceptance”

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  2. Summer Avatar

    What a great talk! Thank you both for sharing your vision and passion so openly:)

  3. Paula Avatar

    Thank you Summer 🙂 So honored to have you stop by and listen!

  4. Michael Avatar

    What a wonderful conversation to start my day! I have known Kathleen for a few years and have had the opportunity to visit her church a few times and am priviledged to call her my friend. As I was listening to her speak, I felt like I was sitting right there next to her. I could see her face as she talked and I know God was there smiling as well. “Well done good and faithful servant!” Thank you Paula, for providing this podcast. May God continue to Bless you both!

  5. Paula Avatar

    Michael – thank you so much for stopping by to listen 🙂 May God bless you!

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