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Add Intern Supervisor to My Resume. And, Let’s Talk About Wedding Dresses.

I tend to freeze up and stop blogging when I’m super busy. Or sometimes I freeze up when I’m faced with things that are just too big to jump in and explain in a quick blogging format.

Right now, I’m just plain-old-fashioned-busy.

At work, I’m supervising three interns. It’s a tad unusual that a Project Manager would oversee interns, but for the most part, we are having them assist on one of my projects. We are building a new company intranet and the interns are helping move content from the old site to the new one. The three of them are truly a force to be reckoned with. They move so quickly through the work I give them that I’m constantly trying to find more for them to do.

Truthfully, I love working with them. I’ve always liked managing people, and these three are no exception. So bright, funny, so full of excitement about the future. One wants to be a creative therapist for children, using dance as therapy! I’m blown away by this. By her, and her dreams. So exciting.

In addition to my run-me-ragged intern supervisory role, I’ve been making my wedding invitations and trying to find a dress for the wedding. By trying to find a dress I mean … I’ve been shopping online.

Unlike many brides I have zero interest into stepping in to a bridal boutique. I distinctly feel like I can’t be bothered to spend the time doing that. So .. Instead, I just ordered three dresses to try on and I think I’ll decide amongst those, and return the other two. OK, one of them is green and I loved it, so I might keep it even IF it doesn’t make the bridal cut.

 All told, I’m also super excited about the wedding, just less excited about the whole business of traditional gown shopping. I’ll try to check in later this week with a sneak peek at the invitations…until then, I’m off to figure out what those interns should do in the morning.