About the Real Me

My buddy Jess Gonacha made a really lovely post this morning about the real her. She and a friend had been talking about how many people feel the pressure to appear perfect in the blogging world. So, to give a little perspective on things, she and a friend posted pictures of themselves, first thing in …

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Ta-dah! A New Layout!

I’d been wishing for a new layout for some time for the blog. I’d searched and searched for something a little less pink, a little more “universal,” and finally found a dreamy layout at Our Blogger Templates, and went with the one titled “Spain.” This let me upload my own header image and I can …

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About Me

Hi there! My name is Paula Jenkins and this blog is my little home for sharing what inspires me. My posts focus on: leading retreats and spirituality crafts and DIY decorating gluten free living updates on our nine month old son (his nickname is Zoom) Starting in 2004, I began leading retreats at San Damiano Retreat Center …

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This Pretty Much Sums it Up

Drawn by my boss on the department white board. True enough to real life that it made me laugh, but I do know that my co-worker Jane will be disappointed. She kept yelling “make me the trapezoid!”