About Me

Hi there! My name is Paula Jenkins and this blog is my little home for sharing what inspires me. My posts focus on:

  • leading retreats and spirituality
  • crafts and DIY decorating
  • gluten free living
  • updates on our nine month old son (his nickname is Zoom)

Starting in 2004, I began leading retreats at San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville, CA. You can see the team on the San Damiano website. I’ve led both day and full weekend retreats there.


Are you looking for someone to lead an upcoming retreat? I’m happy to talk about ideas, and give you more information if you’d like to drop me an email at welcomingspirit [at] gmail [dot] com.


Here’s a little more of my background:
Some of the retreats I’ve led and and presented included the following topics:
Weekend Retreat Topics
– Awaken to the Sacred
– Standing on the Threshold
– Spiritual Pilates, Strengthening our Spiritual Core


Day Retreat Topics
– Be the Change you Seek
– Living the Retreat Every Day of the Week
– Day of Sacredness: Come, Leave your Burdens Behind
– Renewing and Recycling our Connection with God, Earth, and Each Other
– Creating Peace, Finding Hope


My background is fairly varied, and includes:
-Master of Art in Religion from Yale Divinity School
– BA in Religious Studies from UC Santa Barbara
– Ropes Course instructor at UCSB
– Camp Director, leading the Counselor in Training Program and teaching courses like horseback riding, rifelry, baton twirling, crafts, drama and ropes courses
– Community Life Coordinator at Yale Divinity School
– Improvisational Comedy through ACT and BATS in San Francisco
– Photography