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It Has Been a Whirlwind

Sometimes you just need a moment to catch your breath. That would aptly describe my last few days; from being busy time-wise, and from being busy from heart and spirit – it has been a whirlwind.

At work, we had a group of colleagues in from out of town last week; people we work with closely but rarely ever see face to face. It was fun getting to put faces with names, fun learning that one of my close contacts (Jessica) also played the flute as a kid, it was so good to start to know the people behind the co-workers over dinner.

Some other co-workers and I also went to see Wicked, the musical. I am a huge fan of the book, well, and all books by Gregory Maguire. He does this amazing job of tying in stories we may already know, and adding back story that turns the original story on its head. I love that we are shown the Wicked Witch of the West in a new light, where “good” and “evil” become very dependent on the context of the story and who is telling it. She becomes a girl with a childhood, a brother and a sister, who falls in love, and who just wants to be accepted. You find yourself associating very closely with the witch, routing for her, and realizing she is not at all wicked.

Over the weekend, I flew to LA for Saturday to be at the funeral of my friend’s brother. It was a very sad and difficult event, so hard to comprehend how someone twenty-nine years old could be taken from this life in just one moment. It is not something that makes any sense and I don’t know that it will, ever. It is one of those things that hits me right in the gut, takes me to my knees, and leaves me questioning so much.

Today I met with Father Rusty to talk about the March retreat. It is coming so very fast, and there is much to do. I feel good about it, and know that things will come together. I also found a new poem by Hafiz:

Don’t surrender your loneliness
so quickly
Let it cut more deep
Let if ferment and season you
as few human
or even divine ingredients can
Something missing in my
heart tonight
Has made my eyes so
My voice
so tender
My need of God