About the Real Me

My buddy Jess Gonacha made a really lovely post this morning about the real her. She and a friend had been talking about how many people feel the pressure to appear perfect in the blogging world. So, to give a little perspective on things, she and a friend posted pictures of themselves, first thing in the morning. Not perfect, but real.

I love this idea. Soooo without further adieu, here I am, in our bathroom, one evening after work. Notice the flippy, pony tail hair … the wrinkly shirt. When I get home, I usually change out of my work clothes to lounging clothes because its more comfy.


The T-shirt is something my guy bought in Canada when he was up there in August, its from a fishing place that he and his family have gone to for years. The ring is something I bought myself last year, and I love it and wear it almost every day. My earrings are something I’ve had since college … I actually lost one at one point and had to buy a new pair to replace one. Strangely, my sister had the same pair and had also lost one around the same time, so I gave her the other one.

Here’s a little tag I came across and decided to share in the spirit of sharing more about myself.

  • 5 names you go by: Paula, PJ, Jenksy, LeeRoy, Skeeter
  • 3 things you’re wearing right now: grey socks, jeans, grey floral t shirt
  • 3 things you want right now: to go to bed, some strawberry chapstick, something to drink
  • 2 things I did last night: watched Battlestar Galactica, made pasta for dinner
  • 2 people you last talked to on the phone: my sister, my guy
  • 2 things you’re going to do tomorrow: finish a Statement of Work for a new project (yay kitty litter), try to take at least 30 minutes to eat my lunch, maybe outside if I’m lucky
  • 2 longest car rides: from New Haven, CT to Soquel CA and back, and from New Haven, CT to Houston, TX. I guess that’s three. I’ve actually driven across the country three times.
  • 2 of your favorite beverages: lemonade and coffee

So, care to share a little more about yourself?