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Taking the Best Care of Yourself by Addressing ‘Deferred Maintenance’ with Self Care Expert Tami Hackbarth

I’m delighted to have guest Tami Hackbarth back for a second interview on Jump Start Your Joy. Tami is the host of a hundred percent guilt-free self-care podcast, and she runs a very successful coaching business where she works with women to help them define and follow up with self care. In this conversation, we’re talking about taking the best care of yourself by addressing “deferred maintenance.”

Deferred Maintenance

Deferred Maintenance is what happens you neglect to take care of yourself. Tami shares that she first learned the term in buying a home, and it’s the disrepair that can occur when basic maintenance is ignored. It’s true for houses, and it’s true for people. Tami now leads a great program (also called “Deferred Maintenance”) which helps women learn to take care of yourself first and attend to all of the things you tend to put off as busy people living in today’s world. These basics tend to be the unsexy, un-fun type things that all of us put off doing, such as taking care of your body, and taking care of your health.

On Intentional Comfort

What I appreciate most about Tami’s approach to self care is that it is all about intentionality. She encourages people to address those things that are not necessarily fun, but are definitely necessary. She shares about her own journey, in finding herself fed up with her previous 9 to 5 job, and recognizes the stress of her life during that time. I also very much appreciate that she and I get to talk about how all of us often need to tackle those things that are uncomfortable (doctor visits, difficult conversations, going to bed on time, getting therapy if needed) in order to feel more comfort in your life.

In this episode Tami Hackbarth and I talk about:

  • how to approach deferred maintenance.
  • what happens when you leave things unattended in your life, and how they can cause problems when they are not addressed. These can include getting the right amount of sleep, or getting basic checkups for your health.
  • that taking care of the basics honors our future senior citizen selves, as it allows us to remain healthy and independent as we age.
  • how our bodies change as we enter our 30s and beyond, and how it’s important to intentionally make time and space for our own daily care
  • the decline in muscle mass that all women experience after age 30
  • what’s brought us joy in the last year: unexpected laughing, spending time outside, and swimming. I share that I have been enjoying Cobra Kai and Ted Lasso.


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