Tami Hackbarth

Creating School and Self Care Routines that Feel Better for The Whole Family with Self Care Expert Tami Hackbarth

This week is a great conversation With Tami Hackbarth of the the 100%. Guilt-free self care podcast. It’s such a treat to have her on the podcast, and our conversation this week is so timely. We’re talking about how to approach schooling from home (when our kids are home, and attending school virtually). She has some great ideas on how you and your family can approach this in a sustainable way. As a past elementary school teacher, she shares how you can create some space and some routines that will help with the overwhelm that so many families are feeling right now. We also talk about how to take care of yourself in some unique ways now that we are into the sixth month of the pandemic. And, we look at how to approach getting time for yourself, especially if you are an introvert or a highly sensitive person.

Many people are feeling the stress of being in the same place (your home) with the same people (your family or housemates) for a longer period of time than you are used to.
How do you best approach that in a way that leaves room for grace and imperfection?
And, how can your family (or whoever you live with) remain together as a strong team of people?
Who do you want to be on the other side side of this pandemic?

In this episode, Tami Hackbarth and I talk about:
– her earliest sparks of joy, which included reading Beverly Cleary and doing gymnastics
– recommendations for kids books
– her time as an elementary school teacher
– how we “get what we give” as far as emotions and expectations for other people. When we slow down and focus on the positive, we get more of the positive.
– Self care, and her work with clients
– block schedules for families at home (tune in around 25:00)
– her isolation pod (aka car) as a place to spend time alone and recharge
– approaching shelter in place as a highly sensitive person and introvert
– jump start your joy by: practicing gratitude, laughing, and looking at things from an “either it’s fun, or it’s funny” perspective

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