Tune in to the Conversations that Led to the Theme of Intentional Comfort This Season

What is Intentional Comfort? Why is it important? I’m sharing 3 conversations that paved the way for comfort to be the season 7 theme. Tune in to hear from Jenn Oglesbee, Ilene Smith, and Julia Samuels and learn more about what intentional comfort.

In this episode, I’m taking a look at some of the foundational conversations that paved the way for me to choose a theme of intentional comfort and joy for season seven here on the podcast.

1. One was with Jenn Oglesbee, who is a life coach and a licensed clinical social worker. We had three conversations on Instagram Live over the summer (which you can find at my Instagram account: conversation 1, conversation 2, conversation 3).

2. Ilene Smith, the author of Moving Beyond Trauma who shared that the last 18 months have been a trauma vortex in a discussion we had in season 5.

Listen to the full discussion with Ilene Smith here. 

3. Julia Samuel, who is a psychotherapist who specializes in grief and wrote the book, Grief Works. She and I spoke about the importance of balancing grief with intentional times of happiness or joy.

Listen to that conversation here. 

I wanted to synthesize some of these ideas so that you get this kind of juicy background of how we got to intentional comfort and joy for season seven (and give you a little bit more space to play with the theme).  


Jenn Oglesbee’s website

Ilene’s Smith website

Julia Samuel’s website

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