An Easy Week

Today I’m excited to share  a brand new thing that I’ve been trying out called an “easy week.” This article (and podcast episode, and YouTube video) are here to share tips on how you can implement that in your own life to find more joy and spaciousness in your day.

I really loved my interview with Dr. Ezzie Spencer last season, and have found myself taking inspiration from her ideas in her book, Lunar Abundance. In it, she talks about how the moon has both “yin” and “yang” phases, and that those match up with different kinds of energy in our lives. During the Yin phases, we’re in more of a “being” energy, taking time to rest and reflect. During Yang phases, we feel more energy to “do” and create.

I took this inspiration and have color coded my own planner with the days that are Yang phases. I do see that I have more motivation and more focus on those days. In general, I try to notice what day it is if I’m feeling sluggish, and letting myself slow down if it’s a Yin day. Why fight it?

The other thing that I decided for myself a couple months ago was was penciling in an “easy week.” For me, this is the third week of every month where I schedule less to do. It’s honoring that I can’t be in an active “doing” phase all month long, and letting myself take a little rest and breather. You could definitely try this out for yourself, in a way that works for you. I don’t think you need to be an entrepreneur to try it – if you have a 9 to 5, maybe you can plan on having more meals delivered that week, or make sure you leave time in your day to slow down and watch a favorite movie? If you have kids, it might be a great week to do fewer chores and spend more time drawing with them. Find something that lets you be in your own element during that week.

I was talking to some of my mastermind friends today, and they really love this idea too. And that’s part of why I wanted to share it with you. It gives me a time each month where I know that I can spend some dedicated days to focusing on what the, what I want to bring into this world.

We all need the balance of being and doing. It’s important to slow down and let yourself dream a little, notice what’s working and what might work better in your life. It’s ok to take naps during that down time. Given that we’re in the midst of a pandemic and still juggling everything else that comes with a modern life, we need more time to just be. It’s good for you. I hope you can schedule it in.

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