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Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth on Learning to Create Your Own Joy From the Inside Out (Open Wide)

Fred LeBlanc, the energetic drummer and lead singer of the band Cowboy Mouth is back for a second visit this week to talk about his brand new release, “Open Wide.” It was fun having him join me for this interview about the new music the band is putting out, along with an updated version they’ve done of their hit, “Jenny Says.” It’s such a joy to share this interview with Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth on learning to create your own joy from the inside out.

Speaking with Fred in Season 3 was one of the most memorable interviews I’ve had. I’m grateful that this time around, Fred opened up about how the current Coronavirus is impacting the band, and him personally. I also love that he shared that joy is an “inside out job,” and talked about how he connects with joy in the work that he loves so much:

“I really started to find my joy. It wasn’t all the external stuff that was bugging me. It was just the ability to do it. And then just over time, I started doing the same thing with the band. I spend more time trying to make the other guys laugh and being silly. Not that we’re not serious musicians, not that I don’t take my songs seriously, not that we don’t do a really good show…instead of worrying about a wrong note or something like that.

Because it’s not about the last note. It’s about the next note.

In terms of, restarting my joy is just remembering that it comes from me. It doesn’t come from somewhere else. My joy comes from me, and if I change my mind, if I want to be joyful, then I can change my mind. I’m not going to depend on somebody else to do that for me or something else to do it for me.”

fred leblanc of cowboy mouth
Fred LeBlanc of Cowboy Mouth on Learning to Create Your Own Joy From the Inside Out

What Fred LeBlanc and I talk about in this interview:

-His new EP, Open Wide
-Thank God I’m a Country Boy, which is on the new EP
-“King of The World,” a song that is about him, on the new EP
-How the Coronavirus impacts touring, and his take on it
-How to reconnect with joy, and keep choosing it

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