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Learn all About Intuitive Eating, Self Care, and Creating an Attuned Relationship with Food with guest Molly Larkin

It’s such a treat to have Molly Larkin back for a second visit in this episode! A psychiatric nurse, life coach, and intuitive eating specialist, Molly joins the show for January’s “Planning Your Year” month, where we’re looking at how to set intentions and lay a strong foundation for your year. With so many new year’s resolutions focusing on weight loss and body image, I wanted to share a different way of approaching the topic – one that is full of acceptance, joy, and love.

Having had her own history with disordered eating, Molly fully understands the body shaming, the self hatred, and the obsession that can lead to unhealthy eating patterns. She also has seen that through self acceptance and attuning to what you really want and need, you can reach a happy and healthy balance for yourself. Intuitive eating (eating when we are hungry, and trusting that you will know what to eat, when you want to eat) has helped her on her own path, and she now supports others in their journey.

Learn all About Intuitive Eating, Self Care, and Creating an Attuned Relationship with Food with guest Molly Larkin

The heart of it? A system of self care and a balanced relationship with food.

In this episode, Molly Larkin and I talk about:
-Intuitive eating
-Finding your set point range for your weight and habits: What have you been doing and what worked?
-How you can attune to what your body wants and needs, and allow that to direct your eating habits
-Why society demonizes food groups like carbs and fat
-How many of people are terrified of letting go of the diets and restrictive eating because it’s the only way you’ve know so far
-Asking what works for your body?
-The 10 principles of intuitive eating
-Looking for what pulls you from the present moment
-The ties between Byron Katie and intuitive eating
-Learning to “Wage Peace” with your body and your own size
-How to jumpstart joy: tell the truth, beginning with yourself, showing up and dropping into the present moment, being grateful

Molly Larkin’s Website
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Molly’s course: Waging Peace
Byron Katie’s book “Loving What Is” – my favorite of her books, on Amazon – it’s simply brilliant and I know you’ll love it!

Coach Molly Larkin joins host Paula Jenkins this week, and she’s sharing all about intuitive eating, and how you can build a healthy relationship with food. #podcast #joy #healthy