Anabell Bender on Conquering Your Limiting Beliefs to Live a Happy Life

Anabell Bender on Conquering Your Limiting Beliefs to Live a Happy Life

In this episode, I’m really thrilled to have the dream catcher coach, Anabell Bender joining me to talk about believing in your dreams, and authentically allowing yourself to live a happy life. In addition to coaching, Anabell is a a multi-passionate, and has had a lot of experience with the creative process. You can only imagine the massive amounts of joy, delight, and laughter that come from this conversation.

One of my favorite parts of our discussion is when we jumped into what it means to be happy, how to live a happy life, and what is entailed in being a Happiness Coach. What’s been interesting being someone who has talked about joy for the past five years is that sometimes joy is easily dismissed as simple or naive.

Anabell Bender on Conquering Your Limiting Beliefs to Live a Happy Life

Anabell talks about happiness coaching being all about looking at your limiting beliefs, and recognizing how much you actually hide your happiness under so many layers of limiting beliefs, often going back to beliefs that you grew up with. She says, “It’s so important to really know your core and what makes you personally happy, what happiness actually means to you personally, because it means something different for everyone…. And because we live today in a society that is so loud, and it’s there’s so much noise around us, we get drawn into that noise and we don’t really know anymore.”

It’s by finding your center, and identifying what’s going in your internal landscape, you can grow from a place that is authentic. And that’s where your happiness is, and how you can learn to live a happy life.

In this episode, Anabell and I talk about how to live a happy life and:

-Her early joys of altruistically supporting others
-Starting with baby steps to reach your dreams
-How perfectionism can stop you in your tracks
-An introduction to mindfulness
-Finding happiness that is not fleeting
-Human design readings and how they work
-Jump starting joy in the world: smile at others to bring joy to your day and their day

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On this episode of the podcast, host Paula Jenkins speaks to happiness coach Anabell Bender about limiting beliefs and how they can help us live happier lives. #podcast #jumpstartyourjoy #choosehappiness