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Bringing Your Dream Business to Life: Darling, What if You Fly?

One of the themes that I’m picking up, as I look at the look back episodes of Season 4 is that of saying yes to your dreams. It’s easy to push your dreams aside, even do things that sabotage your true calling – because it’s scary, or because very validly, you’re not quite ready for the risk that making the leap involves.

There comes a time, though, once you’ve gotten tired of your own BS, and the fear that’s holding you back, that you’re ready. You’re ready to bring your dream into action, and you’re ready to jump start your joy. I know a thing or two about that.

Over the last 10 months I’ve said yes to being full time at a business that I started (get this) seven years ago. In 2012 I said yes to working with a coach, and while I didn’t know exactly where the path would take me, I started slowly building, studying, working. Some of that work was very external, it was the stuff you could see me doing – getting certified as a life coach, starting a podcast, taking on clients.

Much of the other work, though was internal. I got coaching, I got over long standing fears, I worked on truly owning and knowing that I am worthy and capable of creating something on my own.

It’s the combo of external baby steps and internal personal growth that is where the magic happens.
It’s the slow building of something, consistently, lovingly, and allowing yourself to be changed by it, as you grow.
It’s the dedication of wanting to grow so much that you’ll look at the places that scare you and walk right in, and hold space for your own transformation at a soul level.
It’s saying yes more often than you say no to your dreams, and choosing love and courage over fear.

How do you do that, if you’re at the beginning and wondering what to do first? How do you do that if you’re at a place where you want to grow more?

Inspiration: Last week, I shared this amazing quote by Erin Hansen:
“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

Intention: Set an intention with yourself to get comfortable with the unknown, to go to the places that seem unfamiliar, whether that be a literal or figurative place.

Action: When you think of a next step to take, whether this be in the external realm for your dream (doing something new), or for the internal realm for yourself, check in with your body. Is the new idea or task a “full body yes” (similar in feeling to what you feel when you think about spending a day with your best friend, or, doing your favorite activity)? Are you excited, delighted, or even possibly a little scared? (this means yes! Do this! ) Or is it a “meh” or do you have low interest, or even feel a “full body no”? (this means no, don’t do it). Start to notice the messages your body gives you about what you should be doing next, and what you should not be doing next. And take the steps to follow your intuition.

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