dedicate year

What Could Be Possible if You Dedicated A Whole Year to Something?

dedicate year

When I started my podcast in 2015, there were two pieces of advice that I took to heart when I began crafting the show: be consistent, and, make a commitment to publishing for a year. This seemed super ambitious, and admittedly kind of daunting, because a year felt like a really long time, especially when I had no idea how it would turn out. And then my friend Christine, who was and is really supportive of the show asked a very sweet (and very life coachy) question, “What could be possible if you dedicated a whole year to something?” With that one question, the overwhelm dissipated, and the conversation shifted into one filled with possibilities, open terrain, and joy.

This week marks part one of the Season Four Finale, and, I look back in a bit of awe of the many shifts and aha moments I’ve had in the last 199 episodes. The show has changed every part of my life, and shifted how I see so many things. I’m delighted that I said yes to it and stuck to the two pieces of advice, and, blown away that I’m on the brink of episode 200. If you want to tune in and listen to my top ten aha moments, you can click right here.

And, it leads me to that same question for you this week: What could be possible if you dedicated a whole year to something?

Inspiration: You can know there is something you want for your life that is more than what you’re living right now. You feel it in your gut. You know it as a deep truth.

Intention: Set the intention to make a commitment to give that thing a try, and give it a whole year to see what happens. Let curiosity guide you, and let the thing you’re saying yes to lead you in a spirit of playfulness and joy. If it starts to feel heavy, or overwhelming, go back to the simplicity of what first excited you about it.

Action: Make working on this thing a priority, and do a something to move it along every day. One of my project management mentors used to tell me that the mark of a good project manager is that they do something to move a project forward every day, and that it is that momentum and dedication to seeing the project through that makes the difference. Take action every day on that thing you’re dreaming of, and see what happens when you do that for a year.

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