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How to Handle Stressful Holiday Situations with Joy, Peace, and Ease

This week’s show is all about how to navigate some of the difficult Holiday events and situations that come up. If you are anxious about an upcoming Thanksgiving or Holiday Dinner, have a hard time going to the company party because of the potentially uncomfortable conversations, or are tired of feeling like you need to put up your guard for a family event, this is an episode you’re going to want to listen to.

In this episode, I talk about:
– Why old patterns play a big role in your current anxiety about family events
– How to face and change those old patterns
– How to create a joyful, peaceful, and ease-filled event, even with difficult or trying personalities in your family or friend group
– Setting an intention for your event or dinner
– Using inspiration, intention, and action to create new patterns and habits
– What to look out for when you start to create a new way of being in the holidays
– Your inner critic and what he / she may have to say when you show up as a new version of yourself
– How to set up structure to align you to feel your best during the holidays
– Having conversations with those closest to you about what you need and what kind of support you’d like to give and get during the holidays

The Courage Habit by Kate Swoboda (on Amazon)
Loving What Is by Byron Katie (on Amazon)

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