Choosing Love over Fear with guest Ellie Bassick-Trovato

Ep121: Choosing Love over Fear with guest Ellie Bassick-Trovato

Ellie Bassick-Trovato is a coach and courage expert and I love that she is joining me this week to talk about self love, bravery, and following your heart. Ellie reached out to me to be on the show, and it was an immediate yes for me to have her on the show because I LOVE her outlook on choosing love over fear, and how she has seen the many miracles of choosing love play out in her life.

Founder of “The New Brave,” Ellie is a coach that focuses on helping women choose love over fear and live inspired, happy lives. After losing her husband and her father within 2 months of each other, when her son was one and a half years old, Ellie found the work of Neale Donald Walsch. She dove into his teaching to discover that every thought, word, and action puts energy into the world, and that every decision is always based on love or fear. She decided to choose love, which has not always been easy, but she found that it brought her a lot of joy and happiness. Ellie went on to create a wellness center in honor of her husband and dad to put books like Neale’s into people’s hands, and to help them choose an empowered perspective about the events of their lives.


Choosing Love over Fear with Ellie Bassick-Trovato

In this episode, Ellie and I talk about:

  • Her early love of reading
  • Riding a donkey named Jenny as a child, and the inspiration I got from her story
  • The impact of losing her father and husband within 2 months of each other
  • Starting “Uplifting Connections” as a way to help others, and why she sold this successful business
  • Why practicing self care is important, and the scale with which she rates wellness (based on if you’re coming to something from a place of love or fear)
  • Why we often need to give ourselves permission to do the things coming from a place of love
  • Looking for the gift in every thing, with the intention of choosing love in every possible instant
  • Seven stages of self-love:
  1. Self Acceptance
  2. Self Kindness
  3. Self Awareness
  4. Self responsibility
  5. Self Compassion
  6. Self Appreciation
  7. Self Expression
  • How to create lasting change, and beginning to look for ways to keep choosing love
  • Ellie’s thoughts on how to jumpstart your joy: Pay attention to the magic moments, Fill your well of well being, feed your brain the good stuff


Ellie Bassick-Trovato’s website: The New Brave

Join Ellie’s Pop-up Fun running Feb 1-18, 2018 on Facebook:

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch (on Amazon)

Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer (on Amazon)

Alison Armstrong’s website


If you've lost someone important in your life, you know how hard it can be to continue with your life. Ellie Bassick-Trovato lost her husband and her father and had to find a way to rebuild her life with a one and a half year old son. She discovered the amazing power of choosing love over fear. Listen to this great podcast episode to learn more about her. Click to listen, or save for later. #chooselove #lifecoach #podcast