Living ‘Mighty Well’ with Chronic Illness with guest Emily Levy

Ep119: Living ‘Mighty Well’ with Chronic Illness with guest Emily Levy

This week on the podcast, I’m thrilled to have Emily Levy joining me. Emily is the 24 year old CEO and founder of Mighty Well, a wellness company that makes products for people with chronic illness. Emily was diagnosed with Neurological Lyme disease as a sophomore in college, and made her first product in college. After having her first PICC line put in (and not being satisfied with the recommendation to place a cut up sock over the PICC line to protect it), she sought to find a more beautiful way to cover the PICC line that fit in with the carefree collegiate lifestyle she imagined for herself. I love her story, her courage, and her vision for creating a company that helps people with chronic illness by providing products and a community to help them live a better, more normal life.

Living ‘Mighty Well’ with Chronic Illness with guest Emily Levy

Emily and I talk about:

  • Early sparks of joy – going to the beach as a child and reading books
  • Her inspiration for starting her company
  • What a PICC line is, and why it should be covered
  • Her journey with Neurological Lyme disease
  • The various kinds of products that Mighty Well is working on to produce
  • How Mighty Well comes up with their designs and brings them to market
  • Her early entrepreneur journey, including fulfilling orders from her dorm room
  • The importance of balancing work and life
  • Republic campaigns, and how they are helping small companies like Mighty Well get funding
  • What it means to support a “friend in the fight”
  • How it’s important to talk about illness of all kinds
  • What to say to do to help someone who has just been diagnosed with a major illness
  • How to jump start your joy: go to therapy, finding time for self care, making time for family


Mighty Well’s Website

Republic site, funding option for startups – you can invest in Mighty Well here.

Emily on Instagram

Mighty Well on Instagram


If you are living with a chronic illness, you are going to want to check out this episode on Jump Start Your Joy. Host Paula Jenkins interviews Emily Levy, who has Neurological Lyme Disease. Emily created a PICC cover for herself after doctors told her to use a cut up sock - and it led to her creating her own company. #chronicillness #spoonie #inspiration