Interview with Danny Wood about Look at Me on Jump Start Your Jo

An Interview with Danny Wood of NKOTB

Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) has joined me this week on Jump Start Your Joy to talk about his solo career and album, Look at Me. Danny founded “Remember Betty” to support patients and survivors of breast cancer, in honor of his mother, Betty, who passed away in 1999. This is his seventh solo album, and the proceeds will all go towards the foundation. I hope you’ll join me for an interview with Danny Wood of NKOTB.

Danny Wood on his new album, Look at Me, an Interview on Jump Start Your Joy

Creating this episode has been an amazing experience, one that has moved me, delighted me, and brought me so much joy. It was an absolute honor to speak to Danny, he is kind, generous, and deeply devoted to the NKOTB (New Kids on The Block) fan base. He loves his mother deeply, and while she is gone, she continues to inspire Danny.

In doing the research for the interview I had lots of fans tell me that Danny has inspired them, that he gave motivational speeches on the NKOTB cruises, that his run to benefit Remember Betty was the best thing they’d ever done. My son’s preschool teacher lit up when I told her about the interview (I knew she was a fan), and she told me that Danny had inspired her to lose weight.

Fans share why they love Danny Wood of NKOTB

In the midst of finding out as much as I could about Danny Wood, I discovered that I couldn’t really talk about Danny without talking about the love and generosity he has shown to his fans, and in turn, the love and honest admiration his fans have for him, as a person. The fans are an integral part of his story. And so, for the first time, I’ve opened the mic, and invited fans to share how a guest inspires them. The result is amazing and beautiful full circle view of a man, musician, leader, brother, father, and son.

Danny Wood Look at Me, an Interview on Jump Start Your Joy

Here’s what Danny Wood and I talk about in this episode:

– what inspired him to write this album
– his feeling about on his family and fans
– what the New Kids getting back together has meant to him
– how he sees his fans, and what they mean to him
– his loving memories of his Mother, Betty, and how her memory is kept alive by family and fans
– the words of wisdom from his Mother, that inspire him every day
– how he and Donnie used to sneak out to take their Moms to dinner, back in the early days of NKOTB
– how the Blockhead community always rallies together, and the impact that has had on fans who have been diagnosed with breast cancer
– what his foundation, Remember Betty, does to support survivors and patients with breast cancer

Danny Wood official website
Remember Betty site
Danny’s New Album: Look At Me (on Amazon)

An Interview with Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block on Jump Start Your Joy

22 thoughts on “An Interview with Danny Wood of NKOTB”

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I had no idea he had an album coming out. I love my new kids, so I will check it out for sure.

  2. He clearly loved his mother a lot, and it’s wonderful to see him passing on that love and kindness to others. What more could a Mother ask for! I think Betty would be so proud!

  3. How tragic to hear of yet another person affected by breast cancer 🙁 I applaud Danny Wood for using his influence in the music industry to open up and connect with others about the struggles of dealing with this horrible disease, and donating the profits to a good cause.

  4. It is so sad that he lost his mother to cancer– an all too common experience these days. Good for him for channeling that pain and his devotion to his mother into positive things like this new cd and Remember Betty. I’ll keep an eye out for Look for Me.

  5. I saw him promote this on the Today show I believe this week and it’s so great that he using his music to keep the memory of his mother going through doing this. We all know someone touched by cancer and it’s great to bring awareness any way we can.

  6. Ahh! I love NKOTB! I had no idea that Danny had come out with so many solo albums! I remember hearing about his mom passing away from breast cancer. It is such a sad thing, so many are affected by it.

  7. Such an amazing inside look at Danny. I haven’t followed NKOTB in years so I had no idea what he has been up to!! You’re right he is an inspiration!

  8. Omg this is news to me!!! Had no clue he had any new music coming out. I will have to check this out for sure :):)

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