The Double Edged Sword of Marketing

I’m in the midst of changing my life, and working hard to become a life coach after fifteen years of working in advertising agencies. One morning this week, I had an aha moment when I woke up, drafting this on my phone before I even got out of bed.

Double Edged Sword of Marketing

You are not what advertisers say that you are

You have to get over that flawed thinking and realize your own greatness before you can market yourself.

They’ve broken us down (by saying we are not enough and don’t have enough) so we will buy their product but it goes deeper. When we believe those messages, or at least don’t question them, advertising has worked to slowly wash us with messages that keep us comparing, judging, and desiring something other than what we have. We are given a steady dialog of “not enough.”

How could we even begin to break free?

And as entrepreneurs, how does this impact our world view?
Or our view of our own personal worth, the worth of our business?

We stop listening and start believing in ourselves.