A Letter From My Future Self as I Begin Life Coach Training

Last weekend, I traveled about an hour north to the town of Petaluma to begin my journey of life coach training. Just two days after getting home, there is still so much that I am wading through … emotions, learnings, feelings, excitement. Being a life coach is something I really wanted to do, and I’m happy to have started my journey.

Instead of trying to describe all of that, for this week, I’m writing a letter to myself as if I were able to travel a year into the future, and see what will happen over the next 12 months. This is a letter from my future self.

Dear Paula,

It has been a year of following your dream. It’s one that started, honestly, so long ago. One that started back at UC Santa Barbara. You knew then that Religious Studies captured your heart. At the time, it was what you called an “academic” interest. Perhaps it was, but I think we both know now that it was a love of story, of longing to unlock what moved people to find their purpose.

After graduation, you found a job doing phone service for a mutual fund company. It paid the bills, but after two years you were drawn again to return to school and this time, you went to Yale Divinity School. It was a marvelous two years; and sure the academics of the place were amazing, but it was the people, it was taking classes like Pastoral Counseling, Performance of Biblical Text, and Religion and Media that delighted you. And your role as a Community Life Coordinator, and working in the Admissions office that you loved.

So looking back now on this year, it is no surprise that it has been one of total amazement for you. You’ve dropped that veiled idea that your love of religion and all things inspiring is academic, and embraced helping others find inspiration, helping them tap into their true being. Just as some realize hypnotherapy can resolve anxieties, you’ve recognized that you have a true love, and a talent for helping. For inspiring, for leading. You have fallen in love with coaching, and decided to do a course like this NLP certification training to pursue your dream career.

In the last year, you became a certified life coach. You put in over 60 paid hours of coaching to do this. You planned three retreats. One of which was your first FULL weekend retreat with two other leaders that you hosted, organized, led. It was an event of so many lessons for you, and one that felt like you’d come home to what you were meant to be doing. Do you remember that time when you would ask yourself, “what is a life coach, and do I need one” because you were facing daily struggles in your own life? When you thought that you’d never find a way to overcome them? Well, look at you now. Here you are, answering that question and helping so many other people who need guidance, just like you did. And that weekend retreat was just the beginning of your amazing journey.

And here’s why I’m so proud of you … living this year that you’d declared to be one of “No Toggle.” With that weekend retreat, with your coaching, you’ve stepped in to a zone where you truly live out your values, your joy, your love, and your beliefs. You’ve recognized that the last 20+ years led you here, to a place where you can use the education, leadership, and your own religious beliefs to inform and provide strength for you in a profession you love. And one you feel born to do.

What else has come of this year? Your “No Toggle” zone included family and friends, too. You’ve had more time with Sean and Zoom and your extended family. You’ve followed your heart and surprised yourself, doing more of the “small things” that make you happy. You followed a “capsule wardrobe” and were delighted at the actual freedom that gave you. You finished the master bath, the yard looks amazing, and your kitchen cabinets are finally painted. You and the family celebrated your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary together. And loved every second of it.

And, you finally, lovingly released the role and title of project manager. That chapter is shut and you are pleased. It has been a great lesson to learn to let go of something as defining as that. And, even with leaving that role behind, you’ve seen that you can make a living doing something else you love.

Mad props, little friend. We both knew you could do it, and yet, I’m so proud of how it all turned out.
Crazy love for you!
Future Paula

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  1. What a great gift to your future self – it’s going to be wonderful to look back and know you accomplished everything you’ve set out to do 🙂 Good luck, present-day Paula!

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