How To Make an Easy DIY Mason Jar Candle

Zoom and I made some mason jar candles last week. I’d seen these cute candles on Pinterest, and thought it would be perfect thing for a four year old to help make as gifts for the family. I love these because the salt looks a little like snow as the candle light shines through it. It reminds me of being a little girl in Minnesota in the winter! I know this idea isn’t for everyone, especially if you have very small children, and it’s most probably easier for you to just visit for candle gifts but if you do have a spare moment, this is a great homemade gift to make.

Easy DIY Mason Jar Candles

To make these, you’ll need*:
–  pint size mason jars – I got mine at Orchard Supply Hardware
a small candle in a glass votive–  I picked these up from my local Michael’s
Epsom salt – from a supermarket
– ribbon to tie on the top – I picked the jute ribbon up at Michael’s as well

Supplies to make mason jar candles

Zoom and I spread out our supplies and started working. He helped by holding the glass jar as I poured the epsom salt. You’ll want to pour it the salt about a quarter of a way up the jar, but no higher.

DIY Mason Jar Candle

Then we nestled the candle into the salt. It took a big of wiggling around to get the candle settled in. I’d recommend getting the candles that come in a glass votive. It helps distribute the heat and keeps the mason jar from cracking.

DIY Mason Jar Candle

Next, you can tie some ribbon around the mouth of the mason jar. Then, light and enjoy, or give as a gift. Happy Holidays!

DIY Mason Jar Candle tutorial

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