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Learning to Live in The Moment at Work

This week flew by. I’m sure it’s the combo of lots of work, of getting back from vacation, of feeling the “I’ve got to do all of this right now” nature of December.

At work, we’re planning some big projects, that we need to triple bid and brief lots of people on. I’m setting up a photo shoot for next Thursday. (Stay tuned, folks, I’ll likely be doing my first voice over and hand modeling for this!) We had a project launch on Tuesday.

As the new boss person, I get to help the team with all of this exciting stuff. I love that. I love helping the team tackle big, fun projects. I love seeing everyone grow and learn new things. It’s fun. It’s also really hard because I want to be the kind of boss that’s always available for the team. That means putting my own projects and work on hold as things come up so I can listen and be present when someone else needs something.

I find I’m learning a lot every day about being present, being in the moment. It’s amazing because in my head, I’ll admit, I’m dying to look back at my email as people are talking. There’s so much going on that every moment seems precious.

But then I remember what it was like to have a boss who really listened, who stopped what they were doing and looked me in the eye when I needed something. That’s how I want to be. I want to be present. I want each person to know I’m not wasting my time or their time multi-tasking in that moment. It’s been a really amazing week in that regard, really recognizing what great bosses I’ve had and trying to learn how to be more like each of them.

How was your week back from Thanksgiving?