And for the Cliff Hanger

I loved that my Mom called me over the weekend and wanted to know what happened after I posted a cliff hanger on Friday. I explained that I was just taking a queue from how they do things on “Days of Our Lives.”

So my big news, which was announced officially today … After my boss was let go, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do. Being pretty new, I could head back out and keep searching for yet another job. Or, I could wait around and see who they hired above me as my new boss. Or, I could realize that I had a great opportunity and ask if they’d consider me for the position.

I had a couple of conversations with the president. I walked him through how I would structure things. I gave him insights about how I’d managed people before. I knew that he and I hadn’t ever spoken about this stuff before, and so I dug deep, mustered my courage and just walked him through everything.

Well, yesterday he let me know that he’d thought it over and was super excited to offer me the position of “Director of Production”!!! And the big announcement was made today.

I’m pretty excited, and I’m pretty proud of myself for going after what I wanted. It’s funny how these things can strike you in the shower…