Give Away: A Gratitude Journal

As part of the ongoing one year anniversary of Welcoming Spirit, I’m having a happy give away!

The other day, after work, I stopped by the Chronicle Book Store. I love looking at all the books they have, so many craft books, journals and unusual things. Something special caught my eye and made me think of all of you.

It’s a Gratitude Journal, and it encourages the journalist to jot down the things they have been grateful for that day. I loved looking through it. It reminded me that it’s hard to be angry or down when you approach things from a departure of gratitude. When we are grateful for what we have, it’s hard for the ego to sneak in and try and tell us that we want more.

As my one year give away, I’m giving away one brand new Gratitude Journal. All you need to do is tell me three things you’re grateful for in the comments, and you’re entered.

Here are the things I am grateful for:
– Having had a wonderful job with people I really love, and knowing that I have a new adventure ahead of me.
– Having an amazing family who stand beside me through everything. I’m grateful for my parents, my sister, and all of my extended family.
– My home. It’s cozy, happy, and has a loving vibe. I love having people over, and I love having a nice place to hang out with my guy.

So, the details. Leave me a comment below with three things you’re grateful for. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner. The give away will be open from 10pm PDT on September 16, 2009 and close at 11:59pm on Wednesday, September 23, 2009. I’ll be using to pick a single winner. Only one entry per person. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Give Away: A Gratitude Journal”

  1. Here is my list.

    1. I’m Grateful for my loving and hard working husband. It is because of him I can stay home with our little one.
    2. For loving daughter who I love very much. She is the joy of my life.
    3. For my friends and family for always being there for me.

  2. Congrats on your one year blogiversary!

    I’m grateful for:

    -being able to be a SAHM to my girls

    -the love my hubby has for me

    -the friends I’ve made through my computer since I started my blog

  3. this is a very nice journal – i’m grateful for giveaways!

    i’m grateful for my parents who will be looking after my 4 daughters while my husband i celebrate our 25th wedding anniverary in italy next week!

    i’m grateful for the family dinner we had tonight

    i’m grateful for the beautiful sunshine yesterday when we went to see the spring tulips at our botanical gardens

  4. I almost can’t say just 3 without feeling like i left too many out.

    here are my 3 of recently:

    1. My compassionate, hard workig husband. He let me leave a high paying manager position to go back to school because I want to continue my education and wasn’t hppy at my job. Without a second thought, he let me be a “Stay at home wife”.

    2. My gift of cooking. It makes me happy to cook and makes the mothsI feed happy too.

    3. My sweet and loving Mother. She is soooo good to her children.

  5. What an awesome prize!!! LOVE IT!!

    I am grateful for:
    1. My faith. I’m blessed far more than I deserve and I’m grateful to be divinely loved.

    2. My family. I have a husband who ALWAYS puts me and the kids first and is the most generous human being I’ve ever met. He is so good to me and puts up with all my crazy hobbies, lol! My children are all happy and healthy, and usually very well behaved. I know of families that struggle with sick children and all the stress they go through. Health is an amazing blessing.

    3. My new kitten Lucy. I lost my beloved cat Sasha and was without a cat for a long time. I LOVE my animals and this crazy-eyed, abandoned kitten has so blessed my life with her antics!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  6. Yesterday was my bday so I’m full of gratitude. I’m grateful for:

    1. A good home and a job that earns me enough money to put food on the table.
    2. A boyfriend who looks out for me and always brings me happiness.
    3. Being able to go to lunch every day with my mom.

  7. I am Grateful for:
    My children. They are the reason I get out of bed everyday.
    My mom. She is the other reason I get out of bed everyday.
    My health. Because without it I would be no go to anyone!

  8. A gratitude journal is what I need now so here goes:
    Grateful for:
    a)Each day I wake up & still have a roof above our heads
    b)All of the blessings I’ve gotten lately – free tickets to several popular shows in my state which my kid wanted to watch so bad.
    c)My MOM who is always there for me & my family!

    Thank you for spreading the “gratitude” love! And Happy Blogiversary!

  9. I am grateful for:

    1. Mom, my brother for always standing besides me, supporting and loving me unconditionally.

    2. Myself, my eagerness for self-development, which has helped me become the person I want to be, live my life consciously to the fullest.

    3. Your giving away, which reminds me that Life is always beaituful; it’s just a matter you allow that beauty to come to your personal life or not 😡

  10. Just found your blog and I love it!

    I am so grateful for the following blessings:

    My adoring husband and wonderful children. They truly are my life.

    Being able to work from home which allows me so much time with previously mentioned husband and children 🙂

    My cozy little home and quiet neighborhood near the sea.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  11. OK thanks everyone for entering. I’m going to go draw a winner 🙂


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