Oh, the Craziness of it All

Work has been crazy, in all sorts of ways. I’m finding that I’m spending longer hours, and still feeling like there’s more to do when I leave each night. The end result? I like to come home and zonk out on the couch. Or, in the case of last night, Katey and I went out to an awkward dinner with a vendor. It was a totally sober event, yet truly it was one of the weirdest conversations I think either of us ever had with a more-or-less stranger. Really. To the point that when we recounted our story to our other co-worker (and famous drummer) Colby, he said he thought the guy was trying to hit on us both. Let’s just say neither Katey nor I fell for the dude’s shannigans, thankyouverymuch. We’re too classy for that.

This last weekend was my birthday and it was great fun getting to see my friends at the birthday BBQ that my sister and her husband held for me. It was really nice getting to catch up with a bunch of my favorite people. On Sunday, my guy and I put together my parents’ gift – a new book case for the living room! Hooray!

Me, right before I spit on a few of the cupcakes. You know, in a valiant effort to blow out the candles.