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This is my first time being tagged, so here goes. I offer a special welcome to my new friends from CC blogs, and hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my world.

1. Do you think you’re hot?
No. LOL. I don’t really have much to say on that one … I’m happy with how I look, I cherish that I’m short, but “hot” isn’t one of those things I aim for. Strangely, growing up I’d always get pissed when people told me I was “cute” because I’d be upset that they were likely only looking at me for my height or physical appearance. I didn’t want that to be one of the things people noticed me for.

2. Upload your favorite picture of you.
C2 shoot 056

3. Why do you like that picture?
This is a picture of me at work. Behind me, you can see a “green screen,” where we were doing a video shoot for a website. I’m holding a giant cup of mayonnaise, which was a prop, of sorts. We threw it, along with a ton of other gross stuff at our actor for one of the takes.

The reason I asked someone to take this picture was because another co-worker and fellow project manager, Colby, hates mayo. He’s disgusted by it. So I wanted to show him what he was missing, since he’d originally handed this lovely project off to me. I love that I wanted to taunt someone with something that would gross them out.

Also, this project had been really difficult in some stages, but I’m proud of the team for doing a great job and coming up with a wonderful final product that the client is thrilled with. And, finally, I do love my job, and photo shoots, while they are a lot of work, are often really good, long days.

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last night. We had a frozen pizza from Target, which we were trying for the first time. It wasn’t so good.

5. The last song you listened to?
The last full song was “O Beauty, Ever Ancient” by the Saint Louis Jesuits. I played it a bunch of times while I was making the video from the last retreat. But, I have been hearing snippets of Metallica off and on all day because I am home, sick, and my guy has been playing it.

6. The last movie you watched?
Dan in Real Life. I wouldn’t recommend it. I love Steve Carrell, but I found myself feeling the movie lacked context, and then it seemed very predictable after we hit about the half way point.

But, that same day I watched “Lars and the Real Girl” – weird, but I loved it. Really good.

7. Last restaurant you ate at?
Pasta Primavera.

8. Last book you fully read?
Open the Door by Joyce Rupp; I read it in preparation for the last retreat I did.

9. What are you doing right now, besides this?
Sitting on the couch, toggling between the questions (alt tab for the win) on Sheri’s site, and looking at flickr. Thinking about taking a nap or playing World of Warcraft when I’m done. 🙂

10. What name do you prefer besides your own?
Hmm. I like my own name. I think its funny when people play around with my last name and make up names with it. And, Dorothy Mantooth is a great name. She’s a saint, you know….

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