A Post of Frenzied Gratitude

Sometimes work dominates our world and needs an overwhelming amount of attention. Today was one of those kinds of days, with what seemed to be back to back meetings. And a chiropractor appointment. And then I stayed at work until about 8:45pm, and jumped right back in to some work when I got home. Now, at 11:37pm I just emailed my last document away for a morning meeting.

Glancing at tomorrow’s schedule, well, I’ve got another whirlwind ahead of me. Client meetings all morning, and then in the afternoon, more documentation for my boss and other clients.

In moments like these, I am grateful for my job. I am grateful that we are busy because I know that there are many other businesses that are not. I’m grateful that my co-workers do good work, that they stay late when they don’t have to just to help, that we like each other, that we push each other to do our best. My heart is happy that tomorrow there will be a happy hour at the bar on our floor. I know that not every business operates the way advertising does, and while it can be hard and crazy, I am grateful for those long days as much as I am for the quiet ones.