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“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

There was much going on at our house today. We started early with some cleaning; it seemed like a lot of clutter had built up and it felt nice to get rid of some of the extra things that had found a way into the apartment. After we’d cleaned, we stopped by Goodwill to drop off a bag of clothes to be donated.

We also picked out some real treasures at Goodwill for my company’s upcoming Christmas party. People at work seem to be looking for Leeds Christmas Party venues and similar places since most spots tend to be fully booked by now. The theme this year (there’s one every year … the last two have been Prohibition and then Mad Men (the TV show)) is ‘Homemade Christmas.’ We’re being encouraged to wear ugly sweaters, which is quite something. While I love a good ugly sweater, most seem expensive. How does that work, exactly?

Our ugly sweaters will be part Goodwill, part felt. I’m actually inspired by my cousin Matt, who made these awesome beauties for himself and his fiance (hardly ugly, but definitely crafty!). This same cousin made Halloween costumes this year, too. I’m totally stealing this photo from him on Facebook for an example. Aren’t the sweaters awesome?

My sweater is gold, and I’m thinking a nice wreath with a bow on it will be charming, and my man’s sweater will be white. I’m tempted to just out and out steal the tree design Matt used on the red sweater for his fiance and put it on my guy’s sweater since it seems simple and doable.

I also have this strange idea that we should wear these sweaters for family Christmas dinner, you know, as a joke. I suppose it won’t be a surprise anymore, since some of my family are regulars here. Hi guys! Get ready for some real fun!

Do you have any parties this season with funny or strange themes? What are you doing for them?

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