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Company Holiday Party with Heart

Last night was my company’s holiday party. Budgets had been slashed, and we knew oh way back three months ago that this shindig would be funded by less than a quarter of the funds they’d spent last year. We work in advertising, and I’d say our office is well, a little different than some agencies. We like each other a lot. Really. There’s an awful lot of honest to goodness comraderie and a true dedication to having as much fun together as possible.

Our theme, as discussed in this post, was “Homemade Christmas,” and it was executed well. Our bar (yeah, yeah, there’s a bar at our work, used for clients and happy hours and actually, meetings) held the DJs (all volunteer significant others of employees – how cool!) and well, drinks. There was fake snow on the floor and lots of classy candle and evergreen boughs decorating the place.

Downstairs was the food and more places to hang out. A conference room had been converted to a old style living room, very homey. The other conference room held the cookie contest. There was a keg near the kitchen.

OK. Remember the thing about people wearing “ugly sweaters”?? Well, folks did! Actually quite a few of them. Including some guys wearing some creeptastic fake mustaches and doing old man hair styles. My guy and I brought ours, you know, in case the ugly sweater thing had suddenly become the joke of the office, ala Clueless, where nobody actually dressed up. We were dressed nice for the party, but prepared to bust out should it be appropriate. Oh, it was appropriate!

And! There was a photo area, complete with a backdrop of a nice cheesy Christmas scene, ready for pictures. With pride, I show you our “prom” picture. (I’m looking upwards like that on purpose.)