Exploring Trauma and Joy with author Jen Soriano

Exploring Trauma and Joy with author Jen Soriano

In this episode of Jumpstart Your Joy, Paula interviews Jen Soriano, a Philippin-x writer and movement builder, about her experiences with trauma and healing. They discuss Jen’s book ‘Nervous Essays on Heritage and Healing,’ the effects of trauma, and the importance of addressing collective pain. You will love this episode exploring trauma and joy with author Jen Soriano.

The conversation delves into the difference between trauma-informed and trauma-wise approaches, the impact of the pandemic on mental health, and the pressing issues within local communities, such as the banning of pride flags in schools.

Resources for this episode:

Find Jen Soriano’s website: https://www.jensoriano.net/

Jen Soriano on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jensorianowrites

Buy the book: https://amzn.to/4cfAkrw

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Jen also shares her personal journey through grief and chronic pain and offers practical advice and insights into the fundamentals of healing and finding joy.
00:00 Welcome to Season Eight!
01:03 Introducing Jen Soriano
01:38 Diving into Trauma and Healing
04:16 Jen’s Childhood Joys
06:21 The Birth of a Book
10:17 Understanding Trauma
15:23 Chronic Pain and Trauma
22:54 The Fluidity of Our Nervous Systems
25:09 Rewiring Neural Circuits for Joy
27:25 The Pandemic’s Collective Trauma
29:44 Addressing Global and Local Issues
32:28 School Board Controversies and Trauma
42:15 Healing Trauma and Finding Joy
46:21 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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