5 Ways to Find More Comfort and Joy

5 Ways to Find More Comfort and Joy (Season 7 Wrap Up)

This week’s episode is the finale of season seven (which ran in 2022) where I’ve been talking all about intentional comfort and how to bring more comfort and ease into your everyday life. I’m sharing 5 ways to find more comfort and joy.

If you have not yet listened to the episode where I did the countdown of the top 10 most downloaded episodes, you can tune in here.

1. Choose comfort, and build it into our lives.  I think we are looking for a way to wind down and a way to hold space for the things that we’ve done and to take a breather. It may be that the world feels heavy, and that you need a break. Mirror what you choose to do with what the seasons do. Winter is a time of darkness and quiet and solitude. And so I think comfort and joy are bookends for each other, but I think they also go hand in hand.

2. See it as riding the wave. If youcan ride the wave of whateverdifficult thing you’re facing, and intentionally schedule in comfort, you will be in a better place. It can be helpful to know that this current situation is temporary, and ride it out. And, you can get through it by clinging to that intentional comfort that we are setting up for yourself.

3. Everything is cyclical. Hard times, good times. Comforting times, overwhelming times. It’s all cyclical.  Knowing that there is a season for each thing that sometimes will be easier. Sometimes it’ll be harder. And knowing this can maybe help you find comfort in one that the season will change just like if you ride out the wave. But in two, that, that this is part of the bigger plan and pattern.

4. Learn to live an “Untethered Life,” as inspired by the book by Michael A Singer. The really big takeaway for me with that book is that you can start to question some of the patterns and habits that you recognize that you have after you spent some time looking at them. Because comfort can come from getting to know yourself instead of fighting whatever comes up and ruminating on whatever comes up.

5. Joy and happiness is comforting. Make time for whatever it is that makes you happy. Let go of the expectations and the pressure of day-to-day life that’s telling us what we “should” do or want. Learning to let yourself be in the present moment, without feeling the need to document for social media or feel the pressure to share every detail with anyone else.


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