Renee Linnell on “The Burn Zone” and Being in a Cult

Still on Fire: Joy, Intuition, and Your Soul’s Path with author Renee Linnell

I’m really excited to have author Renee Linnell back on JSYJ!. This is her second time on the podcast, and in this brand new conversation, we’re talking about her book that came out on August 16, 2022, which is titled “Still on Fire: A Memoir.”

Renee first came on the show when her first book, “The Burn Zone,” came out.  This book was was all about how she found herself in a cult several years ago. Her new book is a delightful continuation of her amazing craft of storytelling. The themes that come through in her new book are all around  trusting your intuition, manifesting things in your life, and the idea that this life is a continuation of your soul’s ongoing journey.

Of course, these are some of my very favorite themes and there’s such joy and delight in this conversation with Renee.


Renee Linnell’s first interview on JSYJ

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Renee Lineell’s book: “Still on Fire: A Memoir”

Renee Linnell’s book: “The Burn Zone”

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