Standing Out as an Introvert

Stepping Up and Standing Out as an Introvert with Heather Hall

In this episode of Jump Start Your Joy, I’m so excited to welcome Heather Hall, a transformative Leadership Coach, strategic Executive Coach, and evocative Spiritual Director. She’s also the author of Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders. Heather helps aspiring introverted leaders, and their managers, connect with their voices and values to bring their ideas and vision to life.  I hope that you enjoy this episode about stepping up and standing out as an introvert with Heather Hall.

Standing out as an Introvert

For a long time, I actually assumed (as did my family and everyone around me) that I was an extrovert. Over time, it became obvious that even though I often show up as bubbly and talkative, I found that I became energetically worn out after interacting with people or leading retreats (one of my favorite things). The traits of introversion / extroversion are all about how one gets energy (introverted people get energy from quiet time alone, extroverted people get energy from interacting with others).  After figuring out that I’m more of what’s called an “outgoing introvert” I started to understand why I really enjoyed (and need) down time, and why things that were highly social were fun for me but exhausting.

Work and Leadership for Introverts

Heather’s book, Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders, offered even more insights about how introverted people feel and act work environments.  I found it to be a fascinating read.  This conversation is all about how to thrive in at work, and in leadership as an introvert.

What I love most about this episode is how we shed light on the different kinds of support introverts need in order to feel comfortable and empowered at work and in leadership. We talk about what it means to “invest in pants with pockets” and the importance of creating boundaries at work. This relates to the intentional comfort I’m talking about in season 7; boundaries help people find comfort in both their work life and their personal life. While it might feel uncomfortable at first to speak up, introverts can use the phrase “tell me more” before accepting new work or having someone just hand something to them.

“Honor your boundaries. Part of it is knowing what you enjoy doing and making time and space for that. If you enjoy gardening, but you never get to garden, then you’re going to feel frustrated because you’re doing things that are other than what I would call rejuvenating or refreshing. So, get to know the things that you like to do and make space for them.”                                                                                                                                   – Heather Hall (28:25)

In this episode, Heather and I discuss:

  • What is an introvert, extrovert, and ambivert? What goes on inside the mind of an introvert?
  • How discussions around “following your passions” puts pressure on introverts to prove themselves or go for something seemingly larger than life.
  • The corporate world was created by extroverts for extroverts. So, how do you navigate leadership as an introvert?
  • Why Heather wrote Step Up and Stand Out and the lessons she’s learned throughout her corporate career. Plus, standing out as an introvert.
  • How workplace boundaries can improve your quality of life, your relationships with co-workers, and even prevent burnout.
  • The power of saying “tell me more” before accepting opportunities or new commitments.
  • Tips and advice for transitioning from a specialist role to a leadership-focused management role.
  • How introverts give away their power at work and how to fully own your introverted skillset without people-pleasing or perfectionism.
  • Networking, collaborating, and creating effective partnerships with extroverts.
  • How to cultivate more joy in life.


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Step Up and Stand Out: 20 Tips for Aspiring Introverted Leaders by Heather Hall

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